Community Standards for Minecraft


As an Xbox Game Studio, Mojang Studios affirms the Xbox Community Standards and all Minecraft players held responsible to those standards to participate in the Minecraft community. These Community Standards for Minecraft are a supplement to the Xbox Community Standards and are a statement of our values to keep the Minecraft community safe and fun for everyone.
Our Values

The spirit of inclusion lives in our values, which are key to sustaining a vibrant and welcoming community. 

  1. Minecraft is for everyone
  2. Diversity powers our community
  3. Playing with others should be safe and inclusive
  4. Hate has no place here

Minecraft is for everyone, and diversity powers our community

  • Minecraft is available in countries all over the world, and it’s important that our platform feels safe and inclusive for people of all backgrounds.

  • Every player in the Minecraft community deserves a place to be their authentic selves and to build, craft, create, and express themselves in an environment that is inclusive to all. We aspire to be a community where Minecraft can be enjoyed by all.
  • The Minecraft community is yours but it’s everyone else’s too. When you express your opinions, please do so politely and respectfully. Don’t blow up like a creeper!

Playing with others should be safe and inclusive, and hate has no place here

  • To keep the Minecraft community welcoming and inclusive for everyone, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech, terrorist or violent extremist content, bullying, harassing, sexual solicitation, fraud, or threatening others. 

  • The mods, skins, builds, realms, packs, and other content you craft with Minecraft can be a great way to show off what’s meaningful to you and to express your creativity. However, content that portrays hate or extreme bias or encourages illegal activity is not permitted.

  • Fraud is any attempt to use deceit or misrepresentation for personal or financial gain. When someone commits fraud, they circumvent the processes that keep things fair and financially secure for everyone. 

The world of Minecraft is built by players, for players. Whether you’re building the grandest of castles in Creative mode or working to take down the Ender Dragon in Survival mode, player safety is a priority for Mojang to ensure everyone feels safe while contributing in their own way.

We reserve the right to suspend or permanently ban anyone who violates these Community Standards or this EULA. To learn more about our moderation policies on how to report a player, click here

How to submit an appeal for an enforcement action

Any player that meets the following criteria may submit a case review:

  • Has an active enforcement action.
  • The enforcement's duration is greater than 24 hours in length.
  • The enforcement was issued in the last 12 months.

If your enforcement action meets the criteria, here’s how you submit a Case Review.