Your use of Minecraft is governed by the ​Microsoft Services Agreement​ (“MSA”).  While the ​Code of Conduct section of the Microsoft Services Agreement​ applies to all Microsoft products as well as the Xbox Community Standards,​ as​ ​the Minecraft franchise continues to grow and introduce new Minecraft titles, the Minecraft franchise is offering new features including new ways to interact with others that benefit from an additional level of explanation. To this end, we’ve created the following Community Standards for the Minecraft franchise. Consider these standards a guide for how the Minecraft community should interact with each other and the game to keep our community a positive, safe, and enjoyable place for everyone. 

We want to ensure players have the same, inclusive and welcoming game experience when playing any of our games under the Minecraft franchise. We also want to ensure that if players choose to not follow the Community Standards in one of the Minecraft franchise games, we can protect players across the franchise and in our community.


Community Standards

These handy Community Standards cover gameplay using Mojang-provided online services. This includes things like Featured Servers on Bedrock Engine-based platforms, Realms, and all gameplay in Minecraft Earth. On top of these, individual titles and sites may have additional policies specific to them – so make sure to check them out, too.

o   Treat other community members with respect. This is core to everything we believe in. When you express your opinions, please do so politely and respectfully.

o   If there’s a chat function available in a game or on a website, be mindful of other people’s experience. This includes avoiding excessive posting or spamming. Also, all-caps is often read as YELLING! And yelling at someone is usually not very nice.

o   If you have an argument or unpleasant encounter with another player, our lovely moderation team are available to advise and assist. Please contact them and/or report the player using the tools available within the game. Whatever the situation, don’t “name and shame” other members of the community publicly as this counts as harassment.

o   Think twice about the information that you share publicly. Do not post personal information (phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, account information, physical addresses, first and last names, etc) about yourself or others.

o   You are not allowed to promote any manner of illegal activity. 

o   Create content and conversation that is positive and encouraging, rather than negative and disparaging. It should go without saying, but don’t ever create posts or content with the purpose of starting a fight or to elicit a negative response.

o   Minecraft has a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech, bullying, harassing, sexual solicitation, or threatening others.

o   Do not share your account information with anyone. We will never ask for your password, and you shouldn’t give it.

o   Modding in Minecraft is only acceptable in the base Minecraft game under the existing EULA. Modding in Minecraft Earth is not permitted.

All activities are subject to Mojang/Minecraft’s EULA & Terms and Conditions.


Minecraft Earth Additional Terms

In addition to Microsoft’s ​Code of Conduct​ and the ​Xbox Community Standardsthe following applies to you while using Minecraft Earth: 

o   Minecraft Earth sometimes takes you on unexpected adventures in the real world! With that said, always respect other people’s property. Do not trespass or access (or attempt to access) any area where you do not have the legal right to be.

o   You’re playing a game, but you’re also in the real world while doing so. While there, do not violate laws, ordinances, or other rules regarding safety, noise, litter, or other types of nuisance.

o   Minecraft Earth requires a fair bit of your attention. So do other activities, and they typically don’t mix well. Do not use Minecraft Earth while operating a moving vehicle of any kind.

o   Be safe! Do not engage in any activity in connection with Minecraft Earth, or use of Minecraft Earth, that may in any way result in injury, death, or property damage to any person, including yourself.