A Guide to Minecraft: Tips for Beginners

In Minecraft, the world is at your feet. There are many ways to play this blocky sandbox. Whether you want to survive the night or build a work of art—how you experience it is all up to you! But learning the ropes of a new game can be overwhelming. To help you on your journey, we offer a library of resources that cover the fundamentals of Minecraft: from how you craft or use a controller, to how you play with friends. 

New players start here!

Turtles and turtle eggs on a sandy beach

Before You Begin

Everything you need to know before you start playing Minecraft.


Steve charges forward with a pickaxe

Getting Started

Nifty tips and tricks for surviving and creating in the Overworld and beyond.


Alex stands atop a mountain holding her sword to the sky

Level Up!

For players looking to take their experience to the next dimension.


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