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Minecraft Spellcraft key art

Discover the magic of Spellcraft

Become the most powerful spellcrafter in this enchanting new adventure, coming soon from Gamemode One!

Minecraft Minions key art

It’s the year of the Minion!

Make way for the Minions with this updated DLC! Prove your super-villain superiority like never before by taking on the Vicious 6 in their Zodiac form!

The Wild Update key art

Craft your path

Set your sights for adventure, wander aimlessly, or seek out something new in The Wild Update! The choices are endless, and all of them yours.

A Minecraft Shop collection featuring items from The Wild Update

Gear up for the summer

Explore the latest merchandise collection of apparel, swimwear, and accessories—featuring new designs based on The Wild Update!

Community Creations

Discover the best add-ons, mods, and more being built by the incredible Minecraft community!



    Cross-platform play available on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows. Cross-play requires Microsoft account. Xbox Live Gold required for online multiplayer on Xbox. PlayStation Plus Membership required for online multiplayer on PlayStation 4. Nintendo Switch Online membership required for online multiplayer on Nintendo Switch.