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The Minecraft Partner Program

Are you a passionate Minecraft creator? Do you have more ideas than inventory slots? Have you built a portfolio of incredible, original content that you want the world to see? Then the Minecraft Partner Program might be for you!

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A creative platform like no other

Over 100 million people from across the world play Minecraft. As an official partner, you’ll get to sell your creations and share your imagination with an incredible audience. Craft content such as skin packs, maps, adventures, and textures, and release them on Minecraft Marketplace. You might even turn your crafting hobby into a creative career!

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Minecraft Partner Program Criteria

Is the Minecraft Partner Program right for you? Find out what it takes to become an official partner.


Proven Experience

We aim to feature the best content on the Minecraft Marketplace. Your portfolio should be filled with high quality, original content that you’ve shared with the Minecraft community, such as: maps, skin packs, texture packs, hosted servers, add-ons, or Realms content.


a Love for Minecraft

We’re passionate about blocks, and want you to be, too! You should be part of our imaginative community, and your love for Minecraft should shine through in all your creations.


A drive to create

Our most successful partners are the ones who are constantly thinking of new ways to spark players’ imaginations. You should be excited about coming up with new ideas, evolving your offerings, and testing out new concepts in your builds!


A Business Mindset

To be a successful Minecraft creator, your skill set needs to extend beyond crafting imaginative content. As an official partner, you’ll be expected to operate like a business and submit key art, screenshots, trailers, and descriptions of your work. These are needed for your application, too!


Once you become an official partner, your approved content will appear in the Minecraft Marketplace: an in-game store which makes it easy for players to download and install new worlds, textures, skins, and more without ever leaving the game. That means players with access to Minecraft Marketplace⁺ will be able to see and buy your work!

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Every new submission is reviewed for quality and suitability before it is made available to players.

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Players purchase your content using Minecoins, the in-game currency of the Minecraft Marketplace.

Not ready to apply yet?

There are plenty of resources to help you on your path to becoming an official Minecraft partner. Learn how to build your portfolio, get tips on creating amazing content, and more thanks to our creator resources!


Get started

Discover the types of content you can craft as a Minecraft creator. Find guides to get you started, inspiration to spark ideas, creative tools, and all the latest creator news.



Develop your skills

Whether you are new to creating or an experienced builder, our library of creator resources will help you learn how to use the latest features in your projects. Watch tutorials, discover reference guides, and find answers to all your questions.


Learn about our partners


We have been making high-quality Minecraft experiences since 2011. Most notably, our large-scale story-driven map called ‘Terra Swoop Force’ led directly to a partnership with Mojang to create maps for the Marketplace. Nowadays, Noxcrew produces high-quality Marketplace experiences and runs MC Championship!

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We had roughly 100 projects when we applied for the Partner Program in early 2020. Now our portfolio has grown to over 800 individual projects, and we have at least two team members on every single continent of the world!

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We had a portfolio of 85+ projects, big and small, when we applied in 2019. We try to focus on the in-game player experience, but we also keep an eye on the beauty of Minecraft, showing it off with renders and overview shots/animations. Being an official partner is all about dedication, creativity, and passion.

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King Cube

Having cut our teeth creating content across the Minecraft universe, we were lucky enough to gain our own partnership with Mojang in 2019. Since then, we have developed over 20 unique and different experiences for all players to enjoy. But we aren’t done yet! Our journey, as an official Minecraft Marketplace partner is just getting started!


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An update on the partner application process

Applications for this round have closed. If you’ve already applied, there’s nothing more you need to do—we’ll be in touch! If you’d like to be notified when the next round of applications opens, sign up below.

⁺currently available on compatible Windows 10, Windows 11, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, VR, and Fire Devices