Minecraft Legends Platforms

Minecraft Legends is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5|4, Steam, Windows 11|10, PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Unite the Overworld in Minecraft Legends

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Hop Into Action With New Friends And Foes

How it Works

The player character holds a banner high on the back of a rearing horse

Lead The Charge

Experience an epic legend from the Minecraft universe and the Overworld as you’ve never seen it before.

A skeleton readies itself to shoot a bow and arrow

Inspire New Allies

Form alliances with new friends and familiar mobs, then lead the charge in epic battles against the fierce piglins to defend the Overworld.

A group of three piglins charge forward

Defeat The Piglins

The piglins’ Nether corruption is spreading across the Overworld. Plan your strategy as you take on piglin bases and defend your allies.