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    Minecraft NovaEGG key art


    "Having the tools from the very start to be able to create an infinite amount of adventures and excitement is what has fueled us to create content for 10+ years. The physical computer limitations is the only thing I want to limit us as creators, and that's what we've always had with Minecraft."

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    Tomhmagic Creations

    "Being a Marketplace Partner has given me the ability to run a business from my own home, connecting with people all over the world to create some fantastic projects that we can have a lot of fun with. I originated on PS4 edition which moved to Bedrock, and I fell in love with commands. This progressed to my passion for creating addons and seeing what limits I can push Minecraft to create a custom alternate experience."

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    "At Shapescape, we’re very proud to be a part of the Minecraft Partner Program. The Partner Program has allowed us to do things we would’ve never thought to be possible. We’re working with over 40+ people worldwide, and in September 2020, we even got to open our office in Hamburg, Germany, with 14 people working there right now!"

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    Vicki AKA GeekyPixels

    "Being part of the Minecraft Marketplace has been life changing for me. It has not only enabled me to create content I enjoy making and work with other people who are just as enthused, but on a personal level I now have a better work/life balance and the flexibility to choose to prioritise the important things in life."

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    Minecraft creator guides allows you to create anything you can imagine—from creating worlds to modding mobs—for others to players to explore.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

    You can use Resource and Behavior pack Add-Ons to mod Minecraft mobs, blocks, and items.  Learn more about how to Get Started with Minecraft Add-Ons.


    How do I make a Minecraft texture pack in Bedrock? 

    Learn more about how to create texture packs and mod the look of your world by reading Introduction to Resource Packs.


    How do I make a Minecraft Behavior pack in Bedrock? 

    You can start modding your Minecraft experience by creating Behavior pack Add-ons. Read the Introduction to Behavior Packs tutorial to learn more.

    How do I add a new block in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

    You can add new blocks into Minecraft using Resource and Behavior packs. Learn about modding blocks by reading How to add a Custom Block.


    Can you add and mod mobs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

    You can mod the behaviors of existing Minecraft mobs and create a new mob to add to your world.  Use the Introduction to Add Entity tutorial to unlock your imagination.


    How do I make a custom skin pack?

    Read the Packaging a Skin Pack tutorial to learn customize your look by making a skin and skin pack mod.