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Looking back on a year of breaking news and random ramblings

A new year is knocking on our door. What does this mean, aside from writing down the wrong year everywhere for at least three months? It brings new possibilities, new experiences, and of course, new video games – the only thing that makes me excited about the passage of time. 

But before we bid adieu to 2021, we thought it would be worth looking back on some highlights from this year. And is there a better way than nominating each other or fictional awards and holding an imaginary ceremony? Probably, but this is the best I could come up with. 

Here’s how this will go: the four writers on the editorial team – Sofia Dankis, Sophie Austin, Per Landin, and yours truly – will each take turns and nominate another writer for an award. The only rules are 1) you can’t nominate yourself and 2) Please keep any “thank you” speeches short. I’m too nervous to play anyone out and we’ll be here until next year. Literally. 

Before I get nominated for “Longest Intro,” let us proceed. First up, it’s Sofia! 

I would like to nominate our esteemed editor, Per, for the Sword A-word. My motivation is based on the broad range in which he wields this weapon, for good and for evil more good. One way is by carefully cutting out space for our articles, right here on When he isn’t slashing superfluous puns, Per is engaged in combat! Whether he is scaling the Towerspeed running with community members, or bravely introducing us to mobs like the Enderlings, Per keeps the rest of the editorial team safe from the dangers that lurk in Minecraft Dungeons. But it is through amazing interviews with community creators such as Element Animation, that he proves once and for all that the only thing mightier than the sword is Per’s pen.

Sofia Dankis

Okay, but hear me out: how about a sword that’s also a pen? “Not the time for this”? Fine, but I'm putting it on our next meeting's agenda. Up next, it’s the sword master himself, Per! 

When Cristina approached me about the awards, I immediately nominated myself for the Biggest Slacker category. Convinced I’d win, I then learned that it was against the rules. After crying about it for a few hours, I was given a second chance to nominate a writer (!!!) for the Future Word-Slinger award. The choice was easy. Sophie “Shakespeare” Austin might be’s newest writer, with only one article published to date, but that is completely irrelevant. What matters is the pieces she’s about to write, the punchlines she’ll land, not to mention the bracket-based Minecraft misadventures she’ll share. So far, we’ve only seen a fraction of the power Sophie possesses in her keyboard, but if her future work ends up being half as good as her Realms Plus December piece, she’ll still bring home this award without breaking a sweat! Sophie’s destined for greatness and you have no idea what awaits you. Keep your eyes peeled for her glorious Creative vs Survival article, coming soon!

Per Landin

I may or may not have gotten a sneak peek at that article and I may or may not be able to say that it’s amazing. But before I spoil everything, let’s see who Sophie nominates! 

The Attenborough of the Overworld, the queen of capitalization and an all-round awesome writer, I would like to nominate Cristina for The Deepest Diver Award. Did you know that you could share personality traits with a dripstone cave? Well neither did we until Cristina grabbed the chance (and her pickaxe) and undertook pioneering research for The Great Cave Quiz. Cristina knows her Wither from her wardens and keeps our highly creative (and thus semi-chaotic) editorial team firmly in our minecart, rattling towards glory. When she’s not digging for information, she’s delving between the pages of dragon-filled books, running from goats to scream updates from the clifftops and bringing us nothing but good news. That’s why she’s so deserving of this award – because without her we’d all be stumbling in the dark without a torch.

Sophie Austin

I was expecting to be nominated for “Most Misplaced Lunches” or “Most Embarrassing Teen Phase,” and now here I am, barely holding it together. But the rules are rules, so I will send my 10-minute acceptance speech as an email and proceed to nominate someone myself:

There’s one name that has somehow not come up so far – because I called dibs on Sofia! Why? Because I really wanted to nominate her for something very specific: The Chaotic Great award. I know the chart only goes to “good,” but it's not enough! Face to face and on-screen, Sofia is always the most randomly positive presence, whether she’s hilariously ranting about her hate of bananas or raving about a delightfully bad horror movie. And on top of all of this, she’s so talented it’s infuriating! Throughout 2021, Sofia has delighted us with mysterious tales of loud mobs, kept us in the loop about the most important event of the year, and announced new and exciting shows. But most importantly – she has encouraged our LGBTQI+ colleagues and community to celebrate who they are every single day and reminded us that we still have a lot of work to do as a society. And I couldn't think of anyone better to spread that message.

Cristina Anderca

And there you have it! Our annual recap, which turned into a slightly self-indulgent and unexpectedly wholesome celebration of teamwork. If anything, take this as a reminder to appreciate and lift up your own team – whether that means your family, friends, classmates, or the people on your Minecraft server. We really are better together, and encouraging words go a long way towards brightening someone’s day – maybe something to think about as you work on your 2022 resolutions? Happy New Year, Minecrafters!

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca