Meet the Enderlings

Endermen endier than before!

We are only three days away from the release of Echoing Void, the latest Minecraft Dungeons DLC. That's literally around the corner! Considering the otherworldly threats that await you, I would step away from the corner this instant and instead direct all your attention elsewhere. Like this story, which happens to have juicy details to share about said threats! This is why you look straight ahead (and don't dig straight down)! 

The only known mobs in The End have so far been endermen and shulkers. However, with the launch of Echoing Void, we can now add a new threat to the list: the enderlings. These malicious mobs come in three different subcategories: watchlings, blastlings, and snarelings. Although they may all be smaller than their endermen cousins, they still pack a powerful punch with unique abilities of their own. A fun challenge for players, but also for the developerlings during their creation. 

The most important thing for our artists to nail was giving each of the enderlings a distinct look, emphasising their core gameplay abilities and ensuring they maintained the otherworldly feel the enderman is known for. The watchling is most like the enderman of the three. With its many eyes, it’s always on the lookout for intruders. When it spots a player, it instantly teleports right beside them and lash out with a vicious melee attack. 

The blastling is the ranged combat specialist of the enderling family, it rapidly fires gooey projectiles from its bulky arms at the nearest player. The speed and volume at which it fires projectiles mean that players have a brand-new type of ranged threat to deal with in the End. 

Lastly, the snareling is by far the weirdest member of the family (and the dev team's favourite), and is very similar to a spider in its behavior. When it spots a player, it awkwardly moves into range before rearing back on its tripod like arms and spitting a giant gooey splat at them. Any player unlucky enough to be hit by this attack will find themselves stuck to the spot, which isn’t even the worst part. What happens next is that all snarelings in the area teleport to the trapped hero and viciously start attacking them with giant slaps from their windmill-like limbs! 


The team at Double Eleven had a lot of fun in designing this new line-up of mobs for Echoing Void – but it wasn’t all smooth sailing, according to Matt. 

A common trait for all enderlings is teleportation. If threatened, they can teleport to safety. During development, we had watchlings teleporting away to a hole in the terrain we didn’t even know was there, taunting players from this safe spot. We also had blastlings teleporting up onto a nearby wall and raining down shots on players below – with no chance of them returning fire. Enderlings have a lot of personality and love causing problems, it seems. 


Youngsters these days. Back in my day, endermen used to have style, stealing your dirt blocks before teleporting away with an ominous chuckle (that sound is a chuckle, right?). If you want to cause some ruckus and be a troublemaker yourself, know that The End awaits you in Echoing Void on July 28.

Per Landin
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Per Landin