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The Great Cave Quiz

Which Caves & Cliffs: Part II biome are you?

Heights make me dizzy and bedrock makes me nervous (WHY can’t I break it? What's hiding beneath it???), so let’s be honest – to me, the coolest feature of Caves & Cliffs: Part II is by far the new types of caves. In fact, I’ve been reading about them for so long that they almost feel like dear friends, so much so that I've assigned them different personalities. Before you say anything, I do have real-life friends who I definitely see a healthy amount. But caves are cool! And in case you’re just as fascinated as I am with them, I’ve prepared a quiz so you can see what kind of cave you’d be – based on some totally scientific, very data-driven questions. Without further ado, let’s dive spelunk in!


1. What do you usually do in Minecraft? 

A. I explore, make friends, and work on my farm! 

B. Defeat mobs and conquer villages! 

C. Some building, some crafting, some fighting, the usual. 

D. *Stares blankly* 


2. Survival or Creative? 

A. Survival can't contain my creativity! But it’s a nice challenge. 

B. Survival of the fittest. 

C. Survival for gameplay, Creative for building! 

D. Hrrrrm. 


3. Which of these best describes your Minecraft base? 

A. A cute farm with a lovely view. 

B. The world is my base! More specifically, the lairs of my many enemies. 

C. A functional base with plenty of storage, tools, and sustenance. 

D. *Looks at small house* 


4. How do you usually meet your demise in Minecraft? 

A. Falling off a cliff while chasing potential pets! 

B. Mostly I don’t. If I do, it’s in an epic fight. 

C. Lava, creepers, ghasts, baby zombies... You know, the usual. 

D. *Stares at the person who answered B* 


5. Which mob are you most afraid of? 

A. All the hostile ones! Why can’t we be friends?? 

B. Afraid? Ha. 

C. The ones that sneak up on me... and the really big ones. 

D. Ah! Hrrrrrm hm. 


6. Be honest: do you ever dig straight down? 

A. Wait, you’re not supposed to??? 

B. No, but I trick my friends into doing it! 

C. Never. 

D. Hrrrm? Hm. 


7. What is your meal of choice in Minecraft? 

A. Fruits and veggies, but I also like to bake. 

B. Spider eyes and danger!!! 

C. Whatever I can get my hands on to survive, but I hate hunting the animals. 

D. *Retreats into small home and closes the door* 


Well, would you look at that, it’s already getting dark outside! I blame that on daylight saving time, but I think we also have enough data to figure out what you would be if you were somehow turned into a cave from a video game. So count your answers and let’s go!

Mostly A’s: 

If you were a cave, you’d be a lush one. People are drawn to you because you’re a whimsical, cheery person. You may not be as adorable as an axolotl (who is?), but your positive attitude and sense of wonder make you a blast to be around. Some people might tell you that you’re too nice or even naïve, but as long as you don’t let pleasing other people get in the way of your happiness, the world is your playground. Yay! 

Mostly B’s:

You’re a dripstone cave! People can be taken aback by your tough exterior and sometimes aloof attitude, but eventually, they see that behind that is a heart of gold. Getting to know you is a rewarding experience and once people dig deeper, they will see that you're a valuable, dependable friend. Just like brave explorers find large copper ore veins in dripstone caves, so do people discover your loyalty. But maybe don’t make them work too hard.

Mostly C’s:

Just like a classic cave, you’re old school, and that effortlessly cool vibe is hard to achieve! People may assume that you’re predictable, but you somehow always prove them wrong. You don’t need to chase the spotlight because people who look beyond the surface will see that there’s much more than meets the eye. But don’t be afraid to stand out every once in a while! You never know what adventures may come from it. 

Mostly D’s:

You’re not a cave, you’re a villager! Whether you’re a very talented impersonator or an actual villager that has managed to somehow read, kudos! But just keep in mind that Halloween has passed, so don’t forget to get out of character... eventually. 

Cristina Anderca
Written By
Cristina Anderca

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