Build With It: Emerald!

Image by Bruh Moments

Although many people clamor for new and different ways to use emeralds, this week’s featured building block, they rarely mention building with it for some reason. Maybe they should – it’s stackable, renewable, and fairly common. In fact emeralds are so common that they’re used as currency to trade with villagers. (Sure, you can also mine for them – if you really want a challenge.)

While you can go all-out and create an entire emerald city (complete with a gold road to finish it off), green is a versatile color that can easily be incorporated in virtually any build you have in mind. Emeralds go well with other cool blocks, like lapis, or even the burnt orange hues of acacia wood. Looking for a more natural touch to bring your emerald build (back) down to earth? Any brown-colored block will do (perhaps try combining it with oak, one of our upcoming Build With It materials).

Regardless of how you collect them or what materials you use with them, you’ll likely be inspired to build with emeralds once you see what cool builds we’ve dug up. As usual, we’ve turned to our creative community and they’re here to help us with ideas. Check out some of the ways they have incorporated this gorgeous green gem into their creations!

Now it’s your time to shine as we turn our attention to building with diamond ! Just email with screenshots of your creation and some info about what you’ve created or use our hashtag #FeatureMeMinecraft on Twitter. You may just see your build featured in an upcoming article!

Written By
Nova Barlow