Build With It: Gold!

Go glamorous with glorious gold

A, u! What are you currently doing with your stash of gold? Don’t tell us you’re just saving it in a secret underground vault for a rainy day? Why not Build With It instead?

Perhaps you don’t even have a stash of gold to use in your future upcoming build projects? It’s pretty rare after all – unless you’ll manage to locate a Badlands biome, which tends to be full of underground mineral veins. It may take a while, but once you strike gold, you’ll not only have found a great material to work with, but perhaps another new tale of adventure to share with your friends.

Gold is great because once you find a source, you can use some of those initial bits of gold to craft some powered rails and speed up your mining, thus: more gold! It also comes in lots of different forms – ores, nuggets, ingots, and of course blocks. Naturally, gold is not the only yellow material you can build with, but once you discover the practical prospects of this robust element, you may never work with a different material again!

While real gold tends to be used in much smaller creations, Minecraft gold is perfect for structures. After all, it’s solid, stackable, and has a blast resistance comparable to trusty blocks like diorite or cobblestone. Plus it’s also shiny, which makes your builds bright and cheerful. So why not assemble a palace or raise a big golden statue of yourself at your friend’s spawn point? Let them bask in your wealth!

There are of course other, less bold ways to put your gold to good use, and if you prefer a more subtle approach, you could always draw inspiration from builds like Crixel96’s (making an encore appearance following Build With It: Prismarine’s cafe fountain) swamp ruins gateway, which can be seen at the top of this article, or Callum’s shining example that doesn’t just feature gold – but also qualifies as a Minecraft Dungeons fan build. Can you name all the mobs featured in this build?

Done with the challenge? Perfect! Now, you may want to dig into the list of what’s coming up and see if inspiration strikes. We’re currently looking for stained glass, coral and purpur submissions, so if that sounds like the materials you work with often, you may just see your build featured here in the very near future. Feel free to send your screenshots (and a little information about your structure) to and get ready for your chance to shine.

Written By
Nova Barlow