Build With It: Acacia!

Orange your next build accordingly

Welcome to Build With It, our weekly series designed to get you building with the fun and fascinating blocks of your world! We could have selected any tree in Minecraft, but we’re quite fond of Acacia, with its vivid orange hue and world of possibilities. JayDeeMc’s sturdy stable in the above image, for example, uses acacia to provide a happy horse home.

What are you building today? Wood you consider building it with Acacia instead? Located in the savannah biomes, Acacia wood isn’t too hard to get and can spruce up any build with a splash of color.

What would you use orange wood for? There are a number of builds we’ve seen that feature acacia as a roof material, and we agree it is perfect for that, especially when contrasted with dark wood. You certainly would find it harder to get lost seeing a bright roof in the distance. Or you can use it as a main material instead as Kunipshun Fit demonstrates here.

If so much orange is a little much for you, then we recommend using it more subtly as an accent on a wall, or perhaps a table inside your home.

Has Acacia inspired you to add a bit of woodsy style to your builds? Let us know! Just email with screenshots of your creation and some info about what you’ve created. Let’s see those creative cobblestone and diorite builds! If you’re lucky, you may just see your build featured in an upcoming article!

Written By
Nova Barlow