Build with It: Lapis!

A true blue building buddy

Get ready to treasure lapis – a gem of a block designed to brighten up your builds in this week’s Build with It! Lapis is perfect for building. In fact, that’s one of its primary functions in Minecraft. Use the block to build your creations, or do a little crafting to dye other items a brilliant and bold blue. With lapis, the potential is only limited by the amount of materials you can store (like this treasure chest inspired build by Kimandjax)!

You could take a more subtle approach as well because we know the bright blue may not fit the rest of your design dreams. Still, if you’re dreaming of some sparkly ways to break up your stone builds, try using the ore inside your build as an accent like TommyPusherMC has done here below.

Lapis can be used in all kinds of builds that need a blue hue. A tried and true style, you could use it within classic magic and fantasy castles or perhaps to represent a detour to the stars and beyond with a sci-fi motif. Don’t feel like building underwater with some of our more recent Build With It suggestions like prismarine and coral? Why not pay homage to your aquatic-themed dreams on land by using lapis to represent the ocean?

Grab your mining gear, clear up your inventory space, and spend some time collecting as much lapis as you can carry because after you’ve stocked up, get ready to rock this block in all kinds of ways. We’ve included a few of these stylish community builds we received to help provide some inspiration.

Ready to see your builds featured here? Just email with screenshots of your creation and some info about what you’ve created. We’re currently looking for your diamond, bricks and emerald creations to feature in May! If you’re lucky, you may just see your build featured in an upcoming article.

Written By
Nova Barlow