Key art for the Minecraft Java Edition map 'Striding Hero'

You made so much awesome stuff, we couldn’t help but share it

The year is coming to a close, and we’re giving away lots of amazing creator content and four of our favorite maps in the Marketplace as a thank you for the time and talent that all of you put into Minecraft.* There are probably lots of ways to do that, but we chose lots and lots of gifts!

 *In-game content requires Minecraft game (sold separately). Connect time charges may apply. Limit 1 of each in-game item per person/account.

Playing on Bedrock?

Striding Hero Skin Pack

Includes six player skins from the Striding Hero Minecraft Java Edition map: Play as a strider; a girl with a bow, the hero of her village; a skeleton with an attitude; a villager who is ready for a harsh winter; or a magical-looking stray who has nefarious, evil plans.

Striding Hero Skin Pack

Survive a freezing world

Travel as a strider throughout a freezing environment while trying to find a way to get back to the warmth of home. Along the way, you find out why you are even there in the first place, encounter bosses, find loot and secrets, and use your unique strider abilities to get past obstacles.

Garden bloom image

A fast-flying adventure

Thirty years ago, the Terra Scooper bore-drill and its entire crew mysteriously vanished. Step into your Thermal Flight Armor and begin your journey into the center of the Earth on your quest for answers! Play solo or multiplayer today in this action-packed adventure map, get Terra Swoop Force for Minecraft Java Edition free!*

Terra Swoop Force image

How to side load skins in Java

It’s Easy!

Sideloading skins in the Java version of Minecraft has never been easier. Click the link below for full instructions and start enjoying your skins today!

Sideloading skins in the Java Edition

How to side load maps in Java

Fortunately side loading new maps for Minecraft Java Edition isn't too complicated. You can find the steps at the link below and play new maps within minutes!

Sideloading skins in the Java Edition

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