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The entrance to the Galaxy of Games theme park

Let's Play: Galaxy of Games

A theme park from Imagiverse that’s out of this world

Been trying to book tickets for a theme park in outer space? And now NASA won’t return your calls? Rude! Luckily, there’s an easier way to enjoy such a thing – by downloading Galaxy of Games by Imagiverse from the Minecraft Marketplace

It’s a theme park where you don’t have to queue for any of the rides, which automatically makes it better than every other theme park in the world (no offence to any other theme parks reading this, but you know it’s true).  

Also, you know that annoying thing in theme parks where you can get prizes and stuff in exchange for tickets? But tickets turn out to be rarer than unicorns and the whole thing feels like a scam? Well, Galaxy of Games gives you 100 tickets as soon as you start the game. Score! 

Too bad we manage to blow all 100 within five seconds of playing. It’s not our fault! Ish! We just took an innocent little gander at the available prizes and one of them was a cow plush. How could we possibly leave that on the shelf?! 

With our new best friend in tow, we start exploring the concession stands. There’s tasty treats and delicious drinks available everywhere! Or at least, there would be, had we not already blown all our tickets on this cow plush. 

Guess we’d better have a look around for a way to earn more tickets.

There’s loads of rides in the park, including a go-kart track and a Gosh That One Looks a Bit Scary For Us, both of which we plan to ride later (the cow plush rides for free, right?). But if we want to earn more tickets, we’ll need to try some games of skill. 

Uh oh. Being writers for, we obviously possess practically no skills at all. So let’s table that idea for now and go back to the go-karts!

You do laps of the cosmic Star Kart track while trying to hit stars to give you speed boosts and trying not to be distracted by the pretty scenery and therefore driving into the walls. Oof!

After a few laps of the Star Kart track, we’re ready for a bite to eat and a drink to drink. But oh yeah – no tickets…

Looks like we’re gonna have to finally brave a few of the games: 

If you’d told us we’d enjoy being trapped on a tiny sheet of floating rock and then being hailed with awful asteroids we would have kindly asked you to stop talking to us forever. And yet, Asteroid Dodge turns out to be our favorite game! You have to leap about and try not to lose all your health or get knocked over the side (an instant game over). Health pickups incentivize you to risk running through the hailstorm too. We were surprisingly good at this one! Probably because we’ve been practicing avoiding people all our lives. 

A few games later, we had enough tickets to blow on concessions! But they would have to wait, as we’d just spotted this MASSIVE rollercoaster. How do you ‘just spot’ a rollercoaster this huge in a theme park you’ve been exploring for ages? Why, by being particularly unobservant, of course! 

This rollercoaster isn’t actually THAT scary (weeps). It is, however, an excellent way to get a sky-high view of the entire park. Pretty, and a great opportunity to see if there’s any attractions you’ve missed! 

We stumble shakily off the rollercoaster vowing to never ride it again (er, because we don’t wanna deprive everyone else of a go, of course).  

If this Let’s Play seems even more incoherent and scattershot than usual, then wow, that’s really saying something. But that also just proves that Galaxy of Games works. It’s a theme park full of brilliant distractions, the kind of place where you walk in with the aim to try a certain ride and then four unrelated rides later you can’t even remember why you came here or why you own several alien plushes now.  

Why not take a tour yourself? You can find Galaxy of Games by Imagiverse on the Minecraft Marketplace or by clicking this line of text. See if you can beat our high scores! No, we’re not telling you what our high scores are. Too embarrassing. 

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