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Community Celebration: Farm Life and Striding Hero maps

Return to a simpler time or the Nether. Your choice.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my city escapades from last week and have come to the conclusion that I need a break from the hustle and, specifically, the bustle. It’s time to get in touch with my roots. Not the hereditary or follicle kinds, mind you. The ones that grow in the dirt. I do believe that this urge to throw on my best overalls is connected to this week’s Bedrock gift, Farm Life, that is available here. However, I have long suspected that I would make an exceptional scarecrow.

This is exactly what I need right now. A relaxing map where I do not get ahead of myself and try to become the most successful farmer of all time. I will not attempt to make any shady trade deals. There is no way that I will obsess over which vehicle is the most effective. You won’t see me counting my crops to make sure that I’ve grown all 50 kinds. I won’t name all my chickens Bad Larry and whisper to each one that they are my favorite. Nope. Just going to live a quiet country life on my own. 

Farming is known for being a solitary vocation, and I bet that translates into map-making. Since I’m feeling generous and my crops are still mid-crop, I’ll do some fact-checking with Pixelheads

“It’s better to create with other people because you have a second opinion. If you try to make things alone, sometimes you will feel like you are lost. But partners and friends will guide you in the right way.”

- Gonzalo Aregall, Pixelheads

To be fair, that does explain a few things. Maybe I shouldn’t have fired all my farm hands quite so performatively. Especially since it has now resulted in me being chased out of town by a mob of angry villagers. It’s not even part of the game mechanic, but for some reason this keeps happening to me. Don’t fret, dear reader, I am accustomed to fleeing from pitchforks and pickaxes. I know that there is only one place to go at a time like this – the Nether.  Join me by downloading the map here!

That poor little strider from Striding Hero is still lost! And not only because it was trying to hog all the good hiding spots, I swear I had nothing to do with leading it astray. Right, Mithey

“I've always loved Minecraft mobs and their different characteristics. It's interesting trying to attach different stories to them based on their quirks. That's how I often come up with ideas for different story-driven maps.”

- Mithey

See! I told you. Even though I try to insert myself into anything that happens at Mojang Studios, I am very seldom successful and therefore remain blameless. Maybe Mithey has some advice about how I can try to get more involved in the actual game making that allegedly goes on around here.

“I've always wanted to make my own games, mostly on my own especially for creative freedom purposes, but I realized early on that it's extremely complicated and time-consuming to do so without a base to work off of. Minecraft ended up being that base for me. By making maps on Minecraft, you don't have to worry anywhere near as much about all the super technical or time-consuming stuff. Instead, you get to build off of something that is already there in place for you, that has been iterated upon for years, that millions of people already love, that happens to be highly customizable. And as a result, you get to spend more time working on something that I think matters the most and is most enjoyable – the content itself.”

- Mithey

That does sound nice. As soon as it’s safe for me to resurfa– I mean, as soon as I find the lost strider, I’ll start looking into my own map-making. Since none of you are currently on the lam, you have no excuse but to start right now!

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis