Accessibility in Minecraft


We believe everyone should be empowered and enabled to play Minecraft. Explore how our accessibility tools and features are designed to remove barriers and improve gameplay for all. We’ll continue to work in partnership with our community for new ways to play.

Core accessibility tools and features: All Minecraft games

Accessibility settings

All Minecraft games include an Accessibility menu that offers options to make the game more enjoyable for all players.  The following options are available in all games.  Scroll down to learn about specific features available in each game.

  • Accessible menu navigation and narration provides options for navigation to include keyboard, touch, controller tools, and settings that provide audible narration while playing.
  • Speech to text provides an optional setting to communicate through voice in the game using dictation tools.
  • Chat text style formatting creates accessible options for players who want to experience chat in specific ways through text display (size, color, etc.).

New features!

We’ve recently released some new accessibility features and options.

  • New Achievement Screen in Bedrock, built on the Gameface technology with options in contrast, font size, narration, and navigation tools for multiple ways to play.
  • Adjustable Audio Channels in Bedrock is a feature for players or learners seeking auditory output controls to customize their in-game audio experiences. 
  • Updated Ore Patterns were recently added for players that have a hard time reading colors, making the pattern of the ores distinct and more easily visible. 

Minecraft: Java Edition

  • Sprint and sneak toggles
  • Captions
Minecraft Java key art

Minecraft Dungeons

  • Subtitles
  • Enemy Outline color
  • Chat wheel mobility modes
  • Chat text to speech
  • Sound design
Minecraft Dungeons key art

Minecraft: Education Edition

  • Immersive Reader
  • Single Sign On
Minecraft Education Edition key art

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