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A Cinematic Valentine’s Day

Build the romcom you wish to see in the world

What’s more romantic than dinner and a movie? Wait! Before you answer, let me make one tiny adjustment. What’s more romantic than dinner and a movie in Minecraft? Nothing! That’s why I invited my beloved team to spend Valentine’s Day in the Overworld. A feast was provided, but since no movie theatres or television sets were available we had to provide the entertainment ourselves. As we chowed down on Bridget Jones’ blue soup, Scott Pilgrim’s garlic bread, and a bucket full of Titanic ice cubes, we each reenacted some of our favorite and most romantic scenes from the world of fiction. Cristina Anderca, would you like to kick us off? There seems to be a lot of commotion coming from your cubicle.  

This Valentine’s Day, I choose to celebrate a special bond – that between a person and their canine companion. While my team already knows that I turn into a baby-talking mess when I see any animal, what I love about dogs is that the joy is often mutual. Whether they show it in the form of tail wags, tippy taps, butt wiggles, or joyful borks, dogs are generally just happy to be around people. And nothing screams “love at first sight” like the scene in the movie  Bridesmaids  where one of the characters, Megan, decides on the spot to adopt a total of nine golden retrievers. Even though she later confesses that she probably overcommitted  slightly, I’ve decided to follow her example – in Minecraft, of course! Bringing a real-life dog into your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. But anyway, here are my puppies! Technically, tamed wolves, but isn’t that what all dogs are? Right now I’m working on expanding the yard – but in the meantime, any name suggestions are more than welcome! I’m definitely not overwhelmed.”

Cristina Anderca

Well that certainly explains the howling, but my homework remains at large. I wonder if Sophie Austin has something equally adorable and friendly in store. She’s always so kind and un-dangerous. I’ll just make myself comfortable with all these puppies and pay no regard to fire safety, because why would I?  

Sure, a sassy fire demon called Calcifer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think Valentine’s Day, but give me a few sentences to convince you otherwise! Valentine’s Day is all about love, but that doesn’t mean if you’re not coupled up you shouldn’t feel celebrated. One of my all-time favorite movies is Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s about a young woman, Sophie (obviously an  excellent  name) who learns to believe in herself. To love those around her (even the people that aren’t kind to her) and to realise she’s worthy of being loved, too. And because Calcifer is at the  heart  of it all (and because I am not quite talented enough to build something like this), I decided to build him. So whether you’ll spend the day with a partner, a friend, family or with yourself, remember that love is for everyone, that there are all different kinds of love, and, just like Sophie: you’re worthy of them all. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sophie Austin

Sophie, I believe I specifically asked you to make something cool. But I am really glad you turned up the heat instead! Keep not taking my advice, it will get you far in life. 

Speaking of me, I adore a love story with a happy ending. And if it’s packaged in a fairy tale, all the better! This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the most groundbreaking, innovative, and romantic storybook romances of our time. What better way to pay homage than to bring them to life in the Overworld! Or should I say – Ogreworld? Who needs to send Valentine’s Day cards when they can put jokes like that out in the world, am I right? Probably not. While I consider my life choices, please enjoy this blocky tribute to the grand love stories courtesy of Shrek & Fiona, Donkey & Dragon, and Puss in Boots & Kitty Softpaws.  

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Mojang Studios! Now if you’ll excuse me, these flowers and chocolates won’t deliver themselves to Fairy Godmother. 

Sofia Dankis
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