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How to create a Minecraft account

...and how to log in, too!

To play Minecraft on most platforms, you’ll need a Microsoft account. Minecraft requires players to have this account for a few reasons. First, it allows you to keep your purchase of Minecraft secure. Second, it allows people you play with in multiplayer to know whom they’re playing with, and for you to report disruptive players. Finally, it allows our support team to help you if you encounter any issues while playing the game.

Since 25 July 2022, all players need a Microsoft account to play all versions of Minecraft. If you already have a Microsoft account, then great! You’ll find details on how to sign in below.

If you don’t: it’s free, quick, and easy to register a new Microsoft account through either the Minecraft launcher, or the Microsoft website. Let’s walk through both options.

Table of Contents

  • How to create a Microsoft account
  • How to log into a Microsoft account on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • How to log into a Microsoft account on Xbox
  • How to log into a Microsoft account on PlayStation & Nintendo Switch
  • How to log into a Microsoft account on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire

If you prefer to use the Minecraft launcher, download and open it. Hit the button “Create a new Microsoft Account” at the bottom. This will open your internet browser and you’ll be taken to a page where you can either log into an existing account or create a new one. If you already have a Microsoft account, log into it. If not, then hit “Create account”.

If you’d rather use the Microsoft website, visit and hit the button marked “Sign in”. If you already have a Microsoft account, log into it. If not, then hit “create account”.

How to create a Microsoft account

To create a Microsoft account, type in a name of the email address you would like to use, then pick a secure password that you’ll remember. It’ll need to be made up of at least eight characters and have at least two of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Select your country and put in your date of birth. Hit “Next”, then check your email inbox – you’ll have been sent a code to input. Copy it carefully into the text box. This so that we know you have access to the email address you put in, and to be sure that you didn’t make any spelling mistakes when you typed it in. 

Once you’ve put the code in right, you’ll be taken to a page where you prove that you’re not a robot. Sorry robots, you’re excluded from this one. Confirm your humanity by solving a quick puzzle, then hit the “Next” button.

Finally, you get to choose a gamertag and an avatar for Microsoft Xbox. If you can’t think of a good name, then use one of the suggestions below the box. Once you’ve chosen your gamertag and an avatar, hit the big “Let’s Go” button.

Congratulations! You now have a Microsoft account, and you’re ready to log in and play Minecraft! 

Accounts for parents and children

If you're creating a Minecraft account for a child, you might want to consider a "child account". A child account is an account for those under the age of 16 for the US & EU, 19 for South Korea, and allows adults to modify certain settings to make the experience safer, such as enabling/disabling multiplayer. However, a child account cannot exist without an adult Microsoft account tied to it. So, in order to set up Minecraft for a child, you will need a minimum of two accounts. 

To create a child account, start by visiting with your existing Microsoft account. Click “Create a family group”. In the “Add Someone” box, click “Create an account”. Start in the "Create an account for child" box and then follow the instructions to create the account. Once created, edit the parental settings as needed! You can also find additional parental settings at

How to log into a Microsoft Account on Windows, Mac, or Linux

To log into your Microsoft account to play Minecraft, open the Minecraft launcher and click the “Microsoft Login” button. Another window will pop up where you can fill in your email address and hit “Next”. Type in your password and hit “Sign in”. 

If you already own Minecraft, then you can start playing immediately. If not, you’ll be given the choice to either play the time-limited demo or buy the game. 

For historical reasons, there are two versions of Minecraft with slightly different features – Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. Bedrock Edition runs on Windows, Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, and mobile platforms, while Java Edition runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Both editions are equally fun, and they’re also bundled together, so you don’t need to choose between one or the other – if you own Bedrock then you automatically own Java and vice versa. The launcher contains plenty more details, but see this FAQ if you have more questions about the two different versions of the game.

How to log into a Microsoft Account on Xbox

When you first set up an Xbox console, you’ll be asked to either create a new Microsoft account or log into an existing one. This means that you don’t need to do anything special when you want to play Minecraft – just run the game, and you’ll be good to go.

If another profile is signed into the console, or you want to swap profiles, then you’ll need to go through a few steps. First close out of Minecraft if it’s open. Then press the Xbox button to open the guide and select “Profile & System”. Then select “Add or Switch” and choose your profile. Press the Xbox button to open the guide again, select “Profile & System” again, then select “Sign Out” and choose your account. Finally, sign in to the account you want to access.

Previously, it was possible to change which Minecraft account you were logged into from the main menu, but you must now do so from the console menu.

How to log into a Microsoft Account on PlayStation & Nintendo Switch

To log into your Microsoft account to play Minecraft on PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, first open Minecraft and then select “Settings”. Select “Profile”, and then “Sign out of your Microsoft Account.” 

Next, select “Sign in for free!” – you’ll be given a short code of letters and numbers, and asked to go to on another device. Visit that web page, type in the code you were given, and then fill in your account credentials and sign in.

How to log into a Microsoft Account on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire

To log into your Microsoft account and play Minecraft on your mobile device, first open Minecraft and select “Settings”. Then tap on “Profile” and select “Sign out of your Microsoft Account”. Confirm by selecting the “Sign Out” button. Then close Minecraft and open it up again.

From the main menu, select “Sign In” and follow the prompts that appear. Note: when you reach the Xbox account page, which displays your profile photo, gamertag and Microsoft account email, make sure that the info looks correct. If it’s not correct, hit the “Sign in with a different account” button, and you’ll be directed to a Microsoft sign-in page where you can fill in your details.

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