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This image shows a character in a creeper hoody opening a door to... the Ultra Cute Texture Pack! What more lies behind the Marketplace button? Find out in this article!

What is Marketplace?

Discover what’s behind the Marketplace button

If you’ve ever wondered what Minecraft Marketplace is, then hurrah! You’re in the right place, because today I’m going to tell you everything there is to know about Marketplace. That’s right, everything!

Minecraft Marketplace is an ever-expanding library of content crafted by community creator partners that you can download to add variety to your gameplay on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! If you’ve never visited Minecraft Marketplace before (perhaps you’re suspicious of sparkly buttons?) then fear not! Today we’re going to discover exactly what you can expect to find in Minecraft Marketplace.

What kind of content can I find on Minecraft Marketplace?

There are oodles of content on Minecraft Marketplace, so diving in for the first time might feel a bit daunting. Luckily, the content can be split up into a few categories! These are:


What do all of these things mean? Which one has the most dragons? And what content is going to be best for you? Let’s find out!


What are skin packs on Minecraft Marketplace?

If you want to change the way your character looks, you’re going to want to browse the “Skin packs” category. Skin packs tend to include a variety of themed skins that will change the look of your character from head to toe. Do you want to become a character from Star Wars? How about a dragon? Or a duck? Minecraft Marketplace has a skin pack for every occasion! Just have a browse and see what strikes your fancy. 


What’s the difference between a skin pack and a Character Creator item? 

Skin packs tend to be full-body transformations that completely change the way your character looks. If you like the look of your character and just want to change what they’re wearing, then you’ll want to check out Character Creator Items. Character Creator items can be purchased using Minecoins (or Tokens if you play on PlayStation), or claimed for free during special campaigns. Some can even be unlocked by completing special Minecraft achievements! That way you get to don a nice new jumper and keep your snazzy mining hat. Win win! 


What are texture packs on Minecraft Marketplace?

Texture packs can completely change the look of your Overworld, the mobs you’ll find in it, and even some of the items in your inventory. A texture pack quite literally re-textures your Overworld, so you can transform some more familiar Minecraft scenes into something hyper-realistic, something cartoony, or even something completely pastel! You can add a texture pack into an existing gameplay file (and re-decorate that base in one, quick click!) or you can create a new world with a texture pack and start from scratch!


What are mash-up packs on Minecraft Marketplace?

Mash-up packs are incredible, themed worlds that usually include a pre-built world or area, a texture pack and a skin pack! These packs are great if you enjoy roleplaying. You can load into a medieval castle, dressed as a knight, and enjoy the rustic textures of the re-textured blocks around you. You can load into a winter kingdom as an arctic explorer, slide across great swathes of pristine ice, and meet unique frost-themed mobs. A mash-up pack gives your imagination everything you need to craft the story for yourself! 


What are adventure maps on Minecraft Marketplace?

If you’d prefer to play a ready-made story than invent one yourself, then you’ll want to check out some adventure maps. Adventure maps let you embark on custom-made quests in imaginative, hand-crafted worlds. Sometimes your adventure will take you somewhere familiar, like Bikini Bottom, or to Gotham City. Other times, you’ll explore a completely unfamiliar landscape, and face up to brand-new foes. Adventure maps are great if you have a taste for drama, aren’t afraid of a little danger, and enjoy following a twisty and interesting plot! 



What are mini-games on Minecraft Marketplace?

Mini-games are a great way to test your Minecraft skills, either alone or with friends! Challenge yourself to an epic parkour course, take on waves of foes in a battle arena, or simply hop on a minecart and ride it all the way to the End! Mini-games are always inventive, always fun, and always great to play alongside your friends (or frenemies!)


What are Survival spawns on Minecraft Marketplace?

Survival spawns are custom-built locations designed to give your Minecraft Survival experience an extra kick. Sometimes these builds come with ready-made, epic bases. Sometimes they are filled with well-hidden chests for you to discover. Survival spawns will inspire you and test your wits!


Which packs are you going to try?

So now you know a little more about Minecraft Marketplace, and what you’ll find in its ever-expanding library of content. What kind of packs are you going to look at first? Will you dive into a story-driven adventure map, or create the story for yourself with a mash-up pack? 

Find out at Minecraft Marketplace!

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