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This image showcases some of the awesome content coming to Realms Plus this January 2023, including Multipack, Skyblock Factory, Alien Dimension, and more!

Realms Plus: January

Dragons, ducks, and alien dimensions!

Welcome to 2023, friends! It’s January, it’s a new year, the sun is shining somewhere, and we’re back with 16 new pieces of Realms Plus content! This month we’re going to journey to alien dimensions, ride dragon horses, create our own skyblock adventures, and more! Plus, we’ll be discovering some hidden twists along the way. Let’s dive in!


MULTIPACK by Honeyfrost

Sometimes I think the hardest part of writing this article is picking which content pack to dive into first. The twist with Multipack by Honeyfrost? You don’t have to choose! In this Survival spawn you’ll find tons of furniture to decorate your base, lucky blocks filled with surprises, as well as custom vehicles to zoom around your Overworld in! Want some dragons soaring through the sky? No problem! How about unique TNT and weapons? Multipack has those, to –  alongside mutant zombies, new mobs, dinosaurs, pets, ninja gear, and more!


Alien Dimension by Overtales Studio

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live on an enormous space station, flitting from one strange planet to another? Overtales Studio must’ve heard you, because in Alien Dimension you’ll become a top-tier galactic explorer. Journey between ten otherworldly islands and venture into deep amethyst caves. Mine resources to unlock new areas and upgrade the technology on your floating space-base. Of course, there’s a hidden twist: you might meet a few new mobs in a surprising fashion. Are you sure that’s just a block of amethyst you’re mining? You’ll have to download this alien adventure, and see for yourself!

For more action-packed maps this month, why not try Epic Weapons by Starfish Studios, or BEDWARS! and Bedwars World, both from Pickaxe Studios!


Dragon Heart by Tetrascape

This texture pack’s dragon-filled twist is clear the moment you load into it! Turn your Overworld into a vibrant and mystical place, where your terracotta house becomes a glittering, scaled mansion; and your horse stable transforms into a paddock full of multi-colored dragons. Of all the incredible blocks and re-textured mobs in this pack, I think the chickens are my favorite. Or the donkeys? No, the winged pigs! Fine, you caught me: I can’t choose a favorite dragon-textured mob, so you’ll have to download Dragon Heart by Tetrascape and choose for yourself. And here’s a bonus twist for you: this pack has now been updated for 1.19 and features brand new ore animations! Exciting!


DragonFire Winter Edition by Spectral Studios

If the last pack got you hankering for even more dragons, then Spectral Studios has you covered! In this adventure you’ll become a dragon master as you explore the Overworld alongside your trusty, winged steed. The twist in DragonFire Winter Edition by Spectral Studios is the glittering snow that covers the ground, as well as the five brand new dragons you’ll get to meet! Filled with new seasonal furniture, treasure-hoarding bosses, and emerald-trading elves this map also has special winter variants of the DragonFire dragons you already know and love. If anyone needs me, me and my Snowflake dragon will be re-decorating my base with all this cozy new content, and filling my garden with every cute new dragon! 


More Mobs by Pathway Studios 

“There’s no such thing as too many mobs”, I say confidently, until the sun goes down and I realize I’ve forgotten to pack any torches... Hostile creepers aside, if it’s mobs you’re after, then you’ll love this world from Pathway Studios. In More Mobs you won’t just find more mobs (20+ new ones, to be precise) you’ll also discover a sprawling town to turn into a home, residents who need your help, and side quests to keep you busy! Venture into caves with your trusty sword or spend your time taming some of the new mobs (that scorpion sure looks friendly!) – just beware of the twist: not all the new mobs look like mobs. Happy treasure hunting! 

For even more mob-filled fun this month, don’t miss Mob Parenting: Illager Family by Pathway Studios, or Friend Maker by Jigarbov Productions!


Skyblock Factory by Dodo Studios

We’ve had lots of fun twists in our Realms Plus additions so far, and next up is a twist on a classic! In Skyblock Factory by Dodo Studios, you’ll still spawn in on a teetering sky island, but you’ll get to expand your sky-high world in a brand-new way. This map features special machines that’ll allow you to farm anything from beetroot to beef, clay to raw chicken. Some machines will even spawn mobs, or collect blocks! Build your strategy, find the materials you need, and you can turn your sky island into a sprawling, sky kingdom.

For more twisty fun, don’t miss One Block Hackers by Builders Horizon, which features two hacker skins and some extra-special treats every time you upgrade your One Block!


Skin packs coming this month

Our final twist of this month’s post is the change in appearance you’re going to be able to give your avatar! Four new skin packs are being added to your Realms Plus subscription, transforming you from a demon to a duck, or from molten rock to refracted light. As yellow is my favorite color, I’m going to start with Ducky by ChewMingo, a skin pack filled with 10 quackingly good options, including duckling hoodies, onesies, and even a duck crown! In Demon Slayers by Black Arts Studio you can channel your inner warrior and roleplay a hero, tasked with bringing peace and justice to your Overworld. If you want to get really creative, you could also dress as the demon you’re fighting against, with Lava Demons by ChewMingo, or Rainbow Trends 3 by DogHouse!


Subscribe to Realms Plus!

January might have a reputation as a boring month, but ours is going to be filled with dragons, and alien dimensions, and ducks! If you want to get your hands on all this content and more, you’re going to need to subscribe to Realms Plus via your Minecrafting device! You and up to ten of your friends can enjoy over 150 pieces of content on Minecraft Marketplace – including adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and much more. Not enough? We update it regularly, adding new content to the line-up every month. Since the catalog is always refreshing, some pieces will be moving out. But don’t worry! An in-game counter will let you know ahead of time, so nothing catches you off guard. Visit the  Realms Plus site for more information on how you can join the fun!

See you next month for more Realms Plus fun, friends! In the meantime, I’m going to search for the elusive Rudolph dragon in DragonFire Winter Edition. Wish me luck!

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

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