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This image showcases some of the awesome content coming to Realms Plus this January 2023, including Multipack, Skyblock Factory, Alien Dimension, and more!
Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

Realms Plus: January

Dragons, ducks, and alien dimensions!

This image of Multipack by Honeyfrost shows dinosaurs, dragons, cars, custom weapons, and a whole host of other fun Marketplace content you can find in this map!
This image of Alien Dimension by Overtales Studio shows an explorer against a background of a new, amethyst purple world, and unique mobs!
This image of Dragon Heart by Tetrascape shows some of the awesome textures included in this pack (and a huge, blue, dragon eye!)
This image of DragonFire Winter Edition by Spectral Studios shows a beautiful snowflake dragon, adorable snowman dragon, and even a rudolph dragon, all standing on bright white snow.
This image of More Mobs by Pathway Studios shows new phantom-esque mobs, enormous dragonflies, and even more new mobs!
In this image of Skyblock Factory by Dodo Studios you can see an avatar on a skyblock, looking at the four unique skyblock machines around them!
In this image of Ducky by Chewmingo you can see five adorable, duck-themed skins to make your avatar truly quacking!

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