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Our Marketplace Picks: May 2018

What are our three favourite Marketplace items this month?

June is upon us, which means we’re finally ready to retire ol’ May in the best possible fashion – with another honorary list of our favourite maps played from the last 31 days. A total of 36 pieces managed to make its way onto the Marketplace this past month, with plenty of awesome gameplay to offer for both young and old alike. Yay! Thanks, you handsome community creators you!

Since the majority of our lovely content team have temporarily vanished without a trace (they’re probably home playing Factions, grr!), we’re happy to have our esteemed Content Coordinator Matthew "MOESH" Dryden step in and fill at least three pair of shoes, this time focusing on maps above and below the surface. Among maps, skins, and texture packs, he's helped select the best of the best, the top of the class, the ultimate selection of FUN.

Brace yourselves! Here’s our top three picks from May!

Monsters of the Deep

by Noxcrew

Have you ever wondered what might lurk far beneath the surface in the deepest of sea trenches? Now is the time to find out! Take a deep dive to the underwater research facility, located in a beautiful underwater world. Looks can be deceiving though, and there are many dangers roaming the ocean...

Go up against three horrifying custom bosses, or do daring battle with sharks, manta rays and jellyfish!

The content team are in deep water with this one:

This prequel to the popular Java map, Terra Swoop Force, shows off the sweet Update Aquatic features and introduces custom aquatic mobs and bosses! Boat Shark is the best shark. MOESH

You’re going to need a bigger boat and a bite-proof diving kit, that’s for sure! Monsters of the Deep can be found here!

Relics of the Skies

by imagiverse

This high-flying adventure lets you explore floating islands, battle mythical creatures and rowdy pirates as you search for legendary relics with your friends. There’s plenty of aerial vehicles to choose from – airships, hot air balloons, or biplanes! If that’s not enough for you, there’s also custom skins, music, resources, and mobs. Everything you need for a soaring adventure in the clouds!

Matthew sure has his head in the clouds (in a good way)!

This follow-up to Relics of the Privateers has you flying around in air planes and conquering dungeons. My favorite part was putting custom decals on my plane. Also, that sky box is mint. MOESH

Follow Mr Dryden’s lead – join the flying fleet and mount a plane! Relics of the Skies is available here!

Elf Island Heroes

by GoE Craft

Formerly known as The Four Creation Stones, Elf Island Heroes takes place in Bloomsphere, a magical realm far above the sky. Embark on an epic action adventure to retrieve the four creation stones – a quest that is anything but easy! Hunt crabs, face fire monsters, and recruit stone giants to fight with you on an epic battle ground. You can also encounter as many as 18 new exciting mobs. Play solo or co-op with friends!

Here’s what the Content Team thinks about the adventure in the realm of Bloomsphere:

This full-scale adventure map is fully voice acted and comes with a total conversion texture pack. This project demonstrates what is possible when making games with Minecraft. My favorite is the part with the Elytra, but the puzzles and adventure for all areas make this a standout project! MOESH

Want in on the fun? You can get Elf Island Heroes right here!

This, and so much more epicness awaits you in the Marketplace!

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Per Landin

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