New on Java Realms: Fear Itself

Five of the scariest maps you’ll play this year!

Isn’t Halloween the best time of the year? Candy extortion is publicly endorsed. Broom aviation as a means of transportation does wonders for the environment. And it’s the one time of the year no one bats an eye at my enormous square-shaped grey exterior with tentacles hanging underneath!

Ah, you got me, it’s just a costume! You know we always like to go all the way out here, so if you’re still not shaking with fear one of these new Java Realms maps will surely do the trick!

Dead Meadow

by Jevin, Mynckey & ValorBorn

Walking through a meadow seems like a pretty tame pastime for such a hair-raising holiday. Well, what if the meadow was dead? No? Well, if you’re gonna play hard to get, uh, that’s actually a pretty good activity for this particular minigame. Hunter and Innocents are let loose to play in the meadow, and wouldn’t you know, one of the parties takes out their aggressions on the other. The really cool thing is the map itself, which gives you many places to hide while finding better power-ups and strategically avoiding the Hunter.

Pumpkin Party Remastered

by Plagiatus, dragonmaster95

Last year, as part of my psychologist’s recommendations I publicly outed my (very rational) fear of pumpkins. But today, the above names have taken this fear and remastered it! Pumpkin Party is back, and this time the guest list extends beyond gourd plants –meaning you! Take part in 6 minigames in order to get enough candies to unlock the adorable Piglin Chan costume.

The Hauntpuzzled House

by Fasading

Maybe pumpkins aren’t that scary. Even if they were, I’d say a hauntpuzzled house could beat it any day, for a specific reason I will get into later. Leave all your self-preservation instincts behind as you take the role of Eriot the Scientist, as he travels to a hauntpuzzled house to check out a distress call. Or so he thinks, but the only inhabitant in the house turns out to be a ghost villager who for some reason wants Eriot to solve all the hauntpuzzles within. Not one to stray from a challenge, Eriot delves deeper and uncovers a horrifying menace to villagers and players alike, one we’ve up until this point neglected to see the potential for evil within. So either play the map and/or take the first letter of every sentence in this paragraph to find out this force of despair!


Underground Capital

by Theticman, ChildOfStars, Elmarchio

Confinement 2

by Ty


As if that wasn’t enough, we have several maps that have been updated with scary new features (at least if you’re afraid of modernities)!

Halloween Chaos

Biome Builds

Disaster Star Survival

Illemana Defense


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Happy Minecrafting!


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