New on Java Realms: The Haunting Of The Seven Maps

Our latest release is sure to chill you to the bone!

Hey it’s me Oskar, and… wait, why am I floating in midair and have the sudden urge to chuck my spit at low blast resistance blocks? Oh look, I’ve turned into the Nether mob voted Most Likely To Blow Up Your Nether Treehouse. Rad! Hope you don’t mind that the rest of the blog is just an audio clip of interpretive baby wails describing our rollout of new Java Realms maps.

Actually no, it’s just a costume! With everyone’s favorite time of the year, Halloween, only days away, I felt it was only right as we are pulling out all the stops, pulling no punches, and punching the aforementioned stops! Be prepared and be scared, because these maps will haunt you!

Halloween Chaos

by Skilendarz Group

Pumpkins: scariest fruit of all time? No, a leek is a vegetable and doesn’t qualify. My time spent fearfully tiptoeing through the produce aisles of the supermarket says that the pumpkin is the spookiest produce, and Halloween Chaos is making me live through this nightmare again! Compete against your friends and your (maybe) irrational fears as you try to collect the most pumpkins and dump them at your base before you are just too overcome by the spookiness to continue. Oh, you also have a friendly ghost you can use to trip-up your friends in their endeavors. Cute!

Disaster Star Survival

by Jontohil2


We are all free to make our own choices… even if all of our options are scary nightmares. If you had to pick between attending a tea party of charged Creepers and being in a room with a pumpkin, hey, at least you have a choice right? This is the deal of Disaster Star Survival. The objective is simple and communicated by the last word in the title, and to keep you company you can pick up to four disasters to liven up your experience. Acid rain that tears at you when you’re out in the open? Comin’ right up! A giant slime block that destroys the terrain – say no more! How about a flood that slowly submerges the world? Uh, too real! My favorite is the bad connection disaster – I knew all that time trying to play online Minecraft on my microwave would give me the edge someday!

Unfair Door


Some people say life is unfair. Today however, I will unveil the true culprit of unfairness: doors! Some of them only open from one side, some are locked, and some even require you to do incredibly obtuse tasks with almost no direction in order for you to get to the other side! Warning: this map will most likely infuriate you. But if you’re a person like me, who loves to wallow in frustration over evil video game puzzles more than anything else, we both probably need to get our lives on track, but not until we find all the mind-boggling secrets on this map! Proceed with caution, and expect your sanity to be shaken!

Connect 4

by First Pick

Enough dillydallying. I know you’ve been waiting for the most bone-chilling and frightening Java Realms experience, and I have saved the scariest for the, er, middliest part. Many content reviewers have booted up Connect 4, foolhardy in their bravery and ended up a shadow of their former content reviewer-self. It was actually submitted to us in the early 18th century, but no one has managed a full playthrough without going wild with fear. The forbidden symmetry that you need to form in order to win the game reeks of occultism, and those power-ups are most likely products of witchcraft. Witchcraft, I tell you!


by Vertex Creations & ThatGreenGem

Okay you know what, Connect 4 actually wasn’t that scary. I’m not entirely sure what the deal is – it’s just a fun minigame. Maybe I was blowing things out of proportion? Gravity on the other hand though – hyaa! Imagine, you’re minding your own business, hacking into an office computer and suddenly, some security guards notice you. Not only do they have umbrage with your creative expression (uh, this is not a personal anecdote but the story of the map) – they imprison you within their puzzle map! To help you out of there, you have blocks that modify your behavior, such as making you float, your jumps higher, longer and such. The fun twist is that they can both be activated by stepping on them, or jumping up and smashing the top of your noggin into them! Get up, get down and you just might master Gravity!

Sprint Racer

by Flamingosaurus, VioletRosa, MCFilms

If super well-made racing games is your biggest fear, I’d advise you to keep your teddy bear and eye-covering blankets close by! Racing games have gone through several evolutions throughout the years. We’ve had cars, karts, hovercrafts, planes, cars, podracers, karts, spaceships, cars, karts, karts, and cars. My personal grievance with these entries have always been the same; how am I supposed to burn any digital calories if I just sit on my butt in some seat and press a button to travel forward? Sprint Racer puts you on your feet with an intense digital workout as you press a button to sprint forward. Not only that, but there’s also a huge selection of items to help you along the way, checkpoints and even democracy, in the form of a map voting system. Cleisthenes would be proud!

Dog Ball

by The Yeggs Team

Dog Ball. I know what you’re thinking – “How can the national sport of Labradoria (not an actual country) be anywhere close to fear-inducing? Also, this Oskar fellow seems great, maybe we should shower him with candies of his choosing!” Well, to respectfully agree with you and answer your question, have you tried out the Java Realms version of Dog Ball? The rules are about the same, except for that you start by building a protective shell around your egg, and when the time’s up you and your opponent start flailing wildly into the air, hoping to direct a Ghast fireball into their beautiful construction (and cracking that egg)! 


Boo! After the shock settles in, gather your courage and take on our scary seven map challenge! They come highly recommended as a part of whatever scary celebration you wish to partake in this time of the year! If that isn’t enough, good ol’ Rogues is also back in the fold!

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Happy Minecrafting!

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