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What is an Iron Golem (And How Can You Make One?)

The bulky bodyguard that keeps you trading fair

Being the wonderful people that we definitely are, we would never attack an innocent villager. Even though they carry great loot that we'd be able to have without paying. Plus, they don't use weapons or wear armour, so they wouldn't be able to defend themselves. In fact, there's a really good chance we'd get away with it. But we'd still never attack a villager because... because... um, actually, why aren't we attacking villagers again?

We're only joking! Probably! Because there's at least one giant reason not to mess with villagers. Their loyal defenders that can't drown, suffer pain from falling or even be knocked back. Sentient statues that deal huge damage with just a single swing of their mighty arms. We pity you if you're caught attacking villagers – we really do - because then you've just made an enemy of the Iron Golem. Don't be surprised if that's the last thing you ever do - they're one of the hardest hitting mobs in the Overworld.

This was made by me and Jon Kågström. We were thinking about how to get the Villagers to defend themselves, since they don’t have arms. The design was inspired very much by the Japanese Studio Ghibli movie with the giant [The Castle in the Sky]. It also has this flower. When I was making the model, I realised it was much harder to draw a texture for it - the larger it is, it gets more detailed. But it’s become quite iconic - it’s very emblematic of Minecraft now. We made it look like the Villagers, because obviously the Villagers would create a golem which would resemble themselves. Jens Bergensten

Powerful as they are, the Iron golem does have a softer side. Sometimes it'll spawn a poppy in its hand and kindly offer it to a villager. We're green with envy. All an Iron Golem ever offered us was a free arm swing to the face.


To make an Iron Golem, you'll need four iron blocks and a carved pumpkin. Once you have these materials, place the iron blocks in a "T" shape and put the carved pumpkin on top. This will make an Iron Golem.  


If you don't have the materials to make an Iron Golem, you can find them in any biome. Iron Golems can often be found in villages. Sometimes, Iron Golems can be found at Pillager Outposts. If you find one in a cage and free it, it will help you attack pillagers. 

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