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MC Buildcon 2017 Starts Friday

A community server event you don't want to miss!

Whether you're a Minecraft veteran or a player so new to the game you haven't even found the button on this site to buy it yet (it's in the top left corner btw), joining a multiplayer server can be a great way to improve your building skills and make new friends. That's just two of the aims of MC Buildcon, a community-run server event returning for its fourth year this Friday, from the 14-18th of April.

"Buildcon is basically an online convention," explains Jordan Lavialle, Buildcon 2017 Director. "We try to get as many people as possible to come along and showcase their building skills, see other peoples skills and see what's new in Minecraft creative. We always try to get panels from content creators and people that are pushing the boundaries."

Panels include many talented community builders we've featured on before, including Udvio, Necrosys and NewHeaven, sharing their stellar building know-how.

"We've got a panel from Arcaniax this year, the guy behind GoPaint and GoBrush," explains Jordan. "He'll be doing a panel about that kind of development stuff. He's really quite extraordinary with the stuff that he can do." You can take a look at Arcaniax's impressive work here.

"We've also got panels - that's becoming quite a big thing within creative," says Jordan. They'll also be running Minecraft masterclasses, to "help people improve and build what they see, and to be able to release their creativity and imagination." So if you're building skills could use improving (there's no shame in admitting it), Buildcon could be the perfect opportunity.

Jordan also makes clear that Buildcon 2017 is an international event. "We've pushed a lot more than other years to to try and get teams from other countries. We've got a team from South America, teams from China, Germany, France, the UK, the US. Minecraft is obviously a global game and Buildcon was feeling predominantly English over the last three iterations."

"We were going out and contacting teams a lot more. Trying to entice them to come and showcase what they've got," says Jordan, of the work he and Vanessa Pearson (co-director and founder of Buildcon, also known as cakeyicing) have done to make Buildcon more global. "The difference between the different-language speaking teams is quite interesting. You can kind of see the French community has kind of taken its own stance, and it's got its one way of building. The Chinese community, it tends to use a lot of resource packs and stuff. We want to try and bring that all together and mix it up."

Don't be fooled into thinking Buildcon is completely friendly, mind, as a lot of builders will be showing up on Friday to compete against each other. "The contest is teams of three battling, at most, twenty-three other teams of three to be crowned the best team of Buildcon," explains Jordan. "It's to bring a bit of fun and competitivity to the event."

Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition! Jordan even thinks it can help you get better at Minecraft. "I feel that building under pressure helps people improve a lot. If a team that maybe isn't so skilled were to battle against a team which is, they'll be able to see where their build might have lacked. That will help improve their building skills."

"It's a bit of fun, and Builders Refuge were really generous in their sponsorship in the prize."

Buildcon isn't affiliated with Mojang, but it's a great event for the Easter weekend! You'll be able to log onto the MC Buildcon server this Friday. For more info, you can follow MC Buildcon on Twitter and find their FAQ here. See you there!

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