Killer Builds

Take a tour of Necrosys' inspired creations!

Once one of the leading members of goCreative, Necrosys has been impressing the Minecraft community with his builds for years. Builds like a dragon skeleton haunting an isolated island castle, an art gallery featuring block-by-block recreations of real world masterpieces, and a seafaring boat that's part wood, part sails, part giant shark. He's not a man who lacks for imagination.

"Many art forms, like sculpting, oil painting, etc, tend to be very soloist, where the artist sits down for periods of time alone working away peacefully at his artwork," explains Necrosys, of what appeals to him about the game. "Minecraft is totally the opposite. Fully hands on and engaging, I am continuously conversing with other community members. Knowing that you are creating these art pieces alongside others who share the same passion helps you keep going."

"What other art form allows you to explore the creation you have made in single player almost instantaneously after you have finished with the creation?" Good point! We chose some of our favourite Necrosys builds, then asked him to tell us more about them (relax, of course we included the shark boat one).

Bone Hollows

"A rather old creation of mine, built on Halloween night of 2015," explains Necrosys. "I wanted to design a creative looking castle for the haunting occasion, as well as build something alongside my sibling. A lot of my Minecraft creations are built purely to impress my younger sibling, as he is my biggest fan and I love to see his reactions when I create these extravagant worlds. He is the reason I still create to this day!"

That's a lovely reason, and far better than our reasons for playing Minecraft all day (we're usually just putting off writing Block of the Week).

Pixel Gallery

"This was a really fun three day project of mine," says Necrosys, of this gallery that rebuilds famous pieces like Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Edvard Munch's The Scream. "I wanted to experiment with refractive lighting in external rendering softwares, which is where the coloured glass on the windows come from. A render made by @DroolieMC shows the refractive lighting perfectly. The architecture of the building is similar to that of the London Crystal Palace, using similar external features as the original structure."

If you're an uncultured swine, it's a build that introduces you to several famous pieces, offering "a few basics about Art History in a fun learning environment." Cheaper than flying to Paris to gawp at the real Mona Lisa too.

Biological Haven

"This creation is a large greenery filled map with trees, trees and more trees! Central to this map is a mythical forest dragon guarding her eggs inside a perplexing shaped rock structure. The idea behind this came to me when I noticed a bird in a nest up a tree. The nest had an irregular shape to the usual bowl shape. The purpose behind this is that inspiration can come from anywhere, so get out and explore the world and see what sort of creative thoughts you can think up."

Jaw Treader

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when its a picture of a shark/ship hybrid as awesome as this. "The shark doesn't just have a few textures, it consists of approximately 30-40 different textured blocks, to really emphasize the different shades on the animal. The shark is an animal that is always swimming, even when it is asleep. If it stops swimming for a period of time, it dies. The contrast between the shark and the ship on its fins imply a never ending journey, an adventure to explore the ocean depths."

"I personally am a competitive person at heart, and seeing that there are hundreds of thousands of creative builders who build and share their work online, I wanted to become one of the best. From those beginning days, I have been developing my skills in all areas of Minecraft creative, always looking for new styles and ideas to try out."

Inspired? Then why not try building your own shark boat at home? Actually, that's the most irresponsible advice we've ever given. Ignore it, and instead enjoy more of Necrosys' builds here.

Written By
Tom Stone