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It's time to party!

Find your nearest MINECON Earth party here!

On September 29th, MINECON Earth will be beamed to screens of all shapes and sizes around the world. The liveshow spectacular will be watched in living rooms, movie theatres, stores, museums, concert halls (and knowing humanity, surely a restroom or two).

Last year, more than 100 locations across four continents were converted into MINECON Earth parties, and this year we’re expecting even more to join! In other words, chances are good you’ll find one close to your spawn area or current living quarters.

However and wherever you watch MINECON Earth, we want the show to be enjoyed in good company (except for in those restrooms). So if you’re not already planning your own event alongside your crafting buddies, you are more than welcome to attend any of our official parties!

A MINECON Earth party is not only a great place to meet other players and learn from skillful creators – depending on the location you can also expect giveaways, Q&A panels with devs or builders, costume contests (so come dressed up in your finest blocks!), Minecraft trivia and the opportunity to snag exclusive MINECON Earth merch!

To get these parties started, we invited some familiar faces to our biggest events. Here’s a sneak peek at the guestlist:

MoPOP (Seattle, Washington)

Minefaire (Phoenixville, Pennsylvania)

Minevention (Cork, Ireland)

Minecraft Festival in Stockholm - a celebration of MINECON (Stockholm, Sweden)

With guests like these crafters above, we’re in for an unforgettable night of building and breaking (obvs), but also sharing and celebrating all things Minecraft. Along with these mega-parties, no less than 81 Microsoft Stores across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico are joining in on the fun, and have prepared some great treats!

If you can’t make it to one of the events, we will bring the party to you via the MINECON Earth livestream. We’re on Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch, so pick your favourite and stock up on snacks and drinks!

If you prefer to have all the news and shenanigans from MINECON Earth brought to you in languages like French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish or perhaps Russian, we have some good news! Eight Minecraft creators will be re-broadcasting and commenting the entire stream in those very languages. Keep an eye out, as the list of creators will soon be revealed on the Minecraft Youtube channel!

For the full list of locations close to you, details about each celebration and info on how to get tickets, scurry over to the official MINECON Earth page.

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