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Download free map, help charity:water

The Travelling Trader is free in the Minecraft Marketplace!

Earlier this year, we supported charity: water, an incredible organisation that’s on a mission to bring clean water to every person on the planet. You can read about the $10,000 donation we made here. But that’s enough.

Wait a minute, no it isn’t! 663 million people currently lack access to clean water (that’s almost 1 in 10 people), which makes the great work of charity: water absolutely essential. They want to bring clean water to as many people as possible, and we want to help them more.

So we teamed up with the excellent content creators Jigarbov Productions. They’ve crafted together a fantastic new map and skin pack, The Travelling Trader. Go to the Minecraft Marketplace on Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch and you can download it for free! Shall we watch a trailer of this terrific new Minecraft adventure? Let’s!

“But hang on,” I hear you cry. “Does this mean I get a free llama skin? Also, what does this have to do with charity: water?” Well, to answer both your questions, you actually get two llama skins, and as soon as The Travelling Trader has been downloaded from the Minecraft Marketplace 100,000 times, we’ll make a new donation to charity: water of $90,000. That’ll bring us to $100,000 donated, which means ten water projects supported by Minecraft!

Charity: water estimates that the number of people impacted by a $100,000 donation is over 3,300. So all you have to do is download a great map and skin pack, and you’ll help us help a fantastic cause! Every time we call on you to do something like this, you always smash the target in an incredibly short amount of time, and once you’ve downloaded the map 100,000 times, we’ll share the great news on Twitter!

Head to the Minecraft Marketplace now or click this link to get the map and thank you for helping us help charity: water!

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Tom Stone

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