Build With It: Prismarine!

Let’s sea what we can create!

Some of the ideas we came up with while thinking about this week’s Build With It definitely had a theme to them: the bottom of huge backyard pools, aquariums, and even aquatic-themed gardens filled with statues inspired by maritime legend and lore. We have talked about wood and stone before, but for this story, we thought something a bit brighter and shinier would help inspire your next weekend adventure. Is it any surprise then that we have turned our attention to prismarine this week – the beautiful blue-green block with a dazzling name?

Of course, before we start using it on our home base or other builds, we’ll need to gather it. It’s true, gathering prismarine requires traveling far beneath the sea and battling a few greedy guardians before you can mine away your own collection of prismarine, but the effort is well worth it. To properly prepare for this task, we suggest diving into our Block of the Week article that even provides you with a few handy recipes to construct this useful building block and its colorful varieties from the prismarine shards.

ped with a reasonable amount of prismarine, it’s time to head back to the surface and get building. “But what should I build with it?” you ask. That’s a great question, which is why we have included some neat community designs to help you find that sweet inspiration.

First, check out this café from Crixel96 featuring a prismarine fountain in the center. It is further accented with a checkered red sandstone, prismarine brick, and sea lantern floor. The theme continues throughout the building to provide a well-coordinated, chill atmosphere. If you owned this establishment, what would be on your menu? 

Prismarine comes in various forms: the original blue-green block, the smoother-looking teal shades of prismarine brick, and finally, dark prismarine, which has a more greenish hue than the other two. With three different looking blocks, the mixing and matching possibilities increase your artistic potential. The best part? They all start with just a basic shard of prismarine.

By using dark prismarine, InventBoss has used these greenish shades to create a fancy roof that can fit easily with rustic builds, or perhaps those with a steampunk flair to them. The color blends in nicely to the forest and definitely lets travelers know someone is residing there.

There are other valuable items you’ll likely pick up along your aquatic adventure, like stashes of gold bricks. Those will come in handy as they’ll be featured in an upcoming Build With It article. We’ll also be taking a peek at building with coral as well for all the underwater fans.

Has your creativity been sparked by Crixel96 and InventBoss’ creations? Do you have a great build you’d like to show everyone? Feel free to send your screenshots (and a little information about your structure) to and you may just see yours highlighted here!

Written By
Nova Barlow