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Image of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, a gigantic spaceship, created in the video game Minecraft. The ship is docked in a hangar that is in grey tones and overlooking the ice and snow planet of Hoth.

Build Challenge: Star Wars x Minecraft

I’ll just come right out and say it: I’ve loved Star Wars almost my entire life. It’s a beloved franchise that has allowed countless people to escape and travel to worlds found in a galaxy far, far away. It's inspired all of us to think we can open automatic doors using the Jedi Mind Trick and has brought immense joy worldwide. In celebration of May the 4th, it was only fitting that we combine the magic of Star Wars with the creativity of Minecraft.

For this challenge, participants were asked to submit builds themed around Star Wars – whether that be a favorite scene, ship, place, etc. The builds needed to be of a decent size and, thanks to Darth Bane, participants got to employ the Rule of Two and work in pairs.

So, before I begin asking if you’ve ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise… reveal these winners we must.

1st place: Ashwood

Completely blowing us away, Ashwood recreated the Vuutun Palaa, a Lucrehulk-Class battleship that was controlling the droid forces during the Naboo invasion seen in Episode I: The Phantom Menace. In Ashwood’s words, they had “been building ships for a long time, and so far this has been the most challenging one since this isn’t a simple space pizza, it’s a space donut… jokes aside, it has parts that are very angled and difficult to make it out of blocks. My recreation of it has an extreme diameter of 1129 blocks and is using up all the current height limit of 383 blocks (it’s insanely big).” 

2nd place (tie): BADMAN [The Specialist] & Nate Oh Potato

While we normally don’t have ties, it was just impossible to choose between all the amazing submissions we received. BADMAN [The Specialist] and Nate Oh Potato’s submissions were simply too incredible to NOT change things up a bit.

BADMAN [The Specialist] gave us a massive city based on structures found on the planets Kamino and the infamous Tatooine. The sheer scope, size, and detail in this is so impressive and makes us feel like we are right there in that world. From the ships, buildings, lighting, and wait… that’s no moon… I want to jump into hyperspace and travel there right away. Punch it, Chewie!

Nate Oh Potato took “inspiration from film shots from A New Hope, Rogue One, Battlefront 2, and LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga” with their submission of the Great Temple and Rebel Base found on the planet Yavin IV. Their build not only included impressive exterior shots of the surrounding base where they got as close to 1:1 scale as they could, but they also did an interior and ships like Y-wings, A-wings, X-wings, and U-wings. 

3rd place (in no particular order): kill_Switch & SkyBlue2929, M.Yoda, ShadowScythes, mokie, ChomChom, judedude, Ky & PoeticWhisper

The duo of kill_Switch & SkyBlue2929 delivered a recreation of the Echo Base Assault on Hoth seen in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. This was another submission that came with an intricate amount of detail, as well as an exterior and interior that even came with a full-on Millennium Falcon. 

M.Yoda, which is a rather fitting username for this contest, submitted a Y-wing. These legendary starfighters have been in use since the Clone Wars, but were famously seen in Episodes IV – VI.

ShadowScythes gave us Boba Fett’s Starship, “the personal ship of the feared bounty hunter Boba Fett, inherited from his father Jango.” As every good Mandalorian knows, this is the way. 

Mokie took us to the richly forested Wookie home planet, Kashyyyk, and incorporated some Tatooine-inspired elements in their build challenge submission. 

Rogue One also inspired ChomChom’s submission, this time with a recreation of the planet Scarif. While those of us who have seen the movie know what happens to this planet at the end, let’s take this time to just enjoy how magnificent this build of the Galactic Empire’s Imperial security complex is. 

judedude delivered an impressive Republic fleet “from The Clone War show and movies. It holds two Jedi Cruisers, Republic Gunships, and transports along with fighters. This is one of the largest builds I’ve ever done, and all ships were built by hand. I decided to do this because of my love for this era and Star Wars, along with Minecraft itself.”

Finally, Ky & PoeticWhisper recreated their “beloved R2-D2”. If you zoom in, you can really appreciate the attention to detail on the astromech droid who has been a friend to many in the Star Wars universe. I daresay, this is the droid I am looking for!

Interested in joining the next challenge? Check out our Discord server and learn what the next theme is!

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