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Celebrate all things Star Wars this May 4th!

Celebrate all things Star Wars

These are the discounts you’ve been looking for!

When I was asked if I wanted to try writing about the May the 4th celebration on Minecraft Marketplace, I think my exact words were: “Do or do not. There is no try.” After my fifth warning about talking like Yoda in the office, delighted to tell you I am that for a limited time, a galactic amount of Star Wars content is going to be discounted*! Between May 3 and May 9, you can get 33% off five Star Wars skin packs and the epic Star Wars DLC. You can also claim a free* R2-D2 beanie Character Creator item in the Dressing Room!

As a big Star Wars fan myself, I started to think of how I could mark this very special occasion in Minecraft. My first thought was that I could find a swamp, equip my iron sword, and, in the absence of a fast-shooting robot, face up to my nemesis: creepers. I then came up with a second, less inventory-risking plan: building! That’s right, to celebrate May the 4th I’m challenging myself to build something Star Wars-inspired in my very own Overworld. And where better to find my build-spiration than the incredible Star Wars DLC?

Spanning 12 different planet dioramas and featuring 36 skins of all your favorite characters, the question isn’t what I should choose to recreate with my own, much less awesome building skills, but how do I choose? Should I build a cantina, in honor of the fact this DLC features a licensed soundtrack? Or the Jawa’s sand crawler, because I love shiny things, too? In the end I settled on trying to recreate one of the cutest additions to have ever graced the Overworld and one of my favorite features in the DLC: The Child from the Mandalorian series! 

And then to show me how it’s done, Affe Piran – Mojang Studios' most avid Star Wars builder, who told me he treats every day like it’s May the 4th when it comes to his Overworld, gave us some of his builds to showcase, too!

Sure, my version of The Child might be the wrong shade of green and sure he can’t bop around in his hover pod like in the DLC, but I sure had a lot of fun building him! (Definitely not during work hours. I’m still not out of the swamps for talking like Yoda.) 

And because Affe and I shouldn’t have all the fun, I asked for some help building even more homages! See the complete set of the incredible Community builds, and even sneak a peek at a few below! 

So whether you fancy diving into the Star Wars DLC for the first time, rediscovering it for some build-spiration, or donning your favorite character skins, celebrate May the 4th with 33% off Star Wars content and a free Character Creator item*. Sad would you be if you missed it! 

Oops, I think my bosses heard that. Gotta run, friends! I’ll see you at Minecraft Marketplace!

*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately). Promotion runs from 5/3/22 10 a.m. PST – 5/10/22 10 a.m. PST. Limit 1 free item per person/account.

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

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