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The Buzzy Bees update raised awareness and money for bees in the real world.

Bees, Minecraft, and the WWF

We got busy teaching people about bees!

Our Buzzy Bees update added loads of new stuff to do in-game, but it also provided an opportunity for us to work alongside the WWF to educate our community about bees and their importance in the real world, and to donate to a fantastic initiative. 


Bees are an essential part of healthy ecosystems and essential to produce food around the world, but climate change, habitat loss, and fragmentation are leading to a decline in their populations.  

We partnered with the WWF and donated $100,000 to support their amazing conservation work to raise awareness about bees and why they are so important for our world. We also sold a special Bumblebee costume on our in-game marketplace and donated 62.5% of our net proceeds the WWF. This is a great example of how Minecraft can educate, inform, and raise funds for important initiatives in a way that resonates with our epic community.  


The in-game costume was a great success, but we also went into real-life and a clothing collection that featured our fuzzy friends in their blocky Minecraft form, alongside a cool Minecraft-inspired edition of the WWF’s iconic logo. The net proceeds went straight to the charity.  

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