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The 1.21 Update has a name: Tricky Trials!

The 1.21 Update has a name

Venture into Tricky Trials

We really love numbers here at Minecraft. 1.20. 1.20.8. In fact, we love numbers so much that every update we make to the game has a number attached to it. But some numbers are bigger than others, and some numbers, like 1.21, are so big that they also require a name.

Which is why we’re excited to announce that the 1.21 update will be called… Tricky Trials!

The Tricky Trials Update is going to be filled with daring adventures and surprising rewards. Hunt for the trial chambers, and take on the challenge that awaits you in this sprawling copper structure. Fight off unfamiliar foes like the bogged and the breeze in your hunt for an elusive trial key! Then unlock your reward from the vault, a block that makes adventuring fun for every player, no matter the size of your party. 

In celebration of the name announce for this update, I gathered my fellow Minecraft writers (what’s the collective noun for Minecraft writers? An enchantment of writers, perhaps?) and asked them a very important question: 

Where did all the biscuits go?

What are you most looking forward to in Tricky Trials?  

Linn Viberg immediately hid a packet of something behind her back and started telling me all about her courageous plans: 

“Me, a close combat fighter? In Minecraft, apparently so. I could blame it on how satisfying rage-click karate chops are, but the truth is I never learned to use any other weapons. Luckily, that’s (hopefully) about to change. For the Tricky Trials Update, I’m upping my combat skills by heading into the trial chamber as the unofficial welcome committee for our two new mobs: the bogged and the breeze. Sure, they might be hostile, but we all have our quirks, don’t we? And I think they can teach me a trick to two. Like archery!

I have my aim set on the bogged, the new skeletal mob equipped with poison arrows, which are deadly upon impact. Just like my dance moves! Speaking of moves, the breeze will quite literally sweep you off your feet with theirs. And that’s the iconic eyebrows aside! The breeze’s wind charge projectile attack even uses a gust of wind to send foes flying.  

I can’t wait for the new update to be out, then these new weapons will be all mine and I can take over the Overworld, mwuahahaha! As long as I defeat these two mobs first, that is. And for that I have my trusty karate chop. Hy-ah!” 

Linn Viberg

I’m not sure who is in for the bigger challenge, Linn making besties with hostile mobs, or our Editor Per Landin, who plans to leap into ominous waters:

“Being the thrill-seeker, the daredevil, the reckless lunatic that I am, I plan to challenge myself in 1.21 by taking on an ominous trial – all by myself! The thought of all the possible rewards I could reap from an ominous vault – should I be victorious – is keeping me awake at night. It must be mine! Sure, I had some minor setbacks where I died horribly a dozen of times (you can’t spell ‘perish’ without ‘Per’) in normal trial chambers in the snapshots. And sure, teaming up with people could make it easier, but I don’t have friends want to share all that glorious loot! I’m confident that the increase in difficulty will sharpen my senses and prepare me for whatever I might face.

All I need to do is find a friendly neighborhood illager raid captain, get my hands on an ominous bottle, then search high and low for my local trial chamber! I might not be successful on my quest, but the sheer adrenaline rush from dodging poisonous arrows, navigating maze-like corridors, or getting knocked back across the room by a breeze are rewards enough. But who knows? Maybe I’ll become the best speed-runner in the Ominous Trials Any% respawn constantly category?” 

I know for a fact that drinking from bottles labelled “ominous” can be dangerous. Our other writer Cristina taught me that, because she hasn’t been seen in the office since trying out the testing versions of it! Everyone keeps saying she’s on holiday, but I know the ominous truth… 

After all that excitement, I think I’m going to challenge myself not to undertake any dangerous activities in the name of science for this update. In fact, I’m going to try and make it from the beginning of the trial chambers all the way to the end without firing a single arrow, slashing a single sweep of my sword, or throwing any potions of Damage. Not because I’m a pacifist, but because I like to play in Peaceful mode, and I’ll be spending my time collecting all the new blocks and testing out the crafter!

First, I’ll set up a (possibly not very peaceful) spider farm, an (even less peaceful) slime farm, and craft as many leads as my inventory can hold. Then I’ll set off on the most important mission – taming all the new wolf variants and leading them back to my base! While I’m at it, I might even add a copper conservatory to the crafting room. Oooh, and maybe a copper grate balcony? The building possibilities! 

What are you looking forward to trying from the Tricky Trials Update? Will you set yourself a challenge, and dare to do something new? Keep your eyes peeled on for exciting Minecraft news and even more Tricky Trials fun! 

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

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