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This squeakily cute screenshot shows the retextured bat flying next to a decorated pot. What's in the pot? And will it will this epic competition? Find out in this article!
Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

Bats, Pots, and Competitions

Squeakily cute, storage-filled fun!

A cozy image of the new decorated pot being filled with delicious watermelon.
An even closer glimpse at decorated pots
In real life, the baked potato itself acts as a decorative (and delicious) pot that can store stuff, so it only makes sense, right?
What's more fun than stuffing your decorated pots with baked potatos? Shattering them to retrieve the potatoes, of course!
Our new safety regulations require a fire resistance potion in every room in a clearly marked container – “smash pot in case of emergency!"
our only favorite Java Realms writer Oskar Thysell, is using his pots to make a point.

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