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A close up of a Minecraft Legends hero character with the inventory visible. They hold a large amount of all resources, including 6700 coal and 6100 diamond. On screen, a message says: "Gold discovered".

Let's Break Minecraft Legends

What chaos can we unleash in our custom games?

A recent update to Minecraft Legends was marvelous news for cheaters like me. The developers added Custom Games. These let you tweak all sorts of tempting toggles and sliders that change Minecraft Legends drastically. You can make the game laughably easy or tearfully difficult. Best of all, you can transform Minecraft Legends into an engine of pure delightful chaos. And I have the anecdotes to prove it!


The following is a series of experiments I bravely committed to remind myself why I will never, ever be a game designer:



Gravity is lovely, isn’t it? Without gravity, we’d all be floating around in space, instead of being able to enjoy comfy chairs. To prove how much I love gravity, I decided to make it much harsher in Minecraft Legends. While I was at it, I thought it’d be fun to increase fall damage to 500% and reduce the distance you need to take fall damage to 10%. Hooray? 

Three little leaps later I was deceased. No one came to my funeral, either. Probably because if you tripped on the way, you’d take tons of fall damage. Not worth the risk. 


OK, I may have completely ruined the game here. So let’s try sliding all the sliders the complete opposite way. I set fall damage to zero, so no more pain there, and set the gravity to 10%. What happened next? Well call me the Wright Brothers, because I just invented flight! 

Yes, a simple leap now sent me and my steed soaring into the skies. Highly recommended. Oh, wait, you probably can’t hear me all the way down there – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!

RESULT: 5/10

Leave the fall damage alone, but have a go at lowering the gravity so you can leap over the piglins' defenses with ease!




Smacking a piglin with your sword and watching it go flying is hugely satisfying. But could it be hugelier and more satisfyingy? Or, at the very least, described with words that actually exist? 

I hit a piglin with my sword and watched it go squealing up into the sky. Several of the piglins I struck flew so far that I think they ended up in Minecraft Dungeons. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It takes the joy of fighting piglins and makes it feel like hitting a home run every time!

Obviously this makes the game about as challenging as daydreaming about cake. But who doesn’t enjoy daydreaming about cake? 

RESULT: 10/10 

“I’ll play Minecraft Legends when piglins fly”  bad news, buddy, we just called your bluff!



Why go to all the trouble of having an allay gather resources for you when you can just help yourself to them without even playing the game? The answer is probably something boring about game design structure/ethics (*yawn*). Anyway, I maxed out all these sliders, ensuring I started the game absurdly resource-rich. Rich I tells ya! 

As you play Minecraft Legends, you steadily discover and unlock more things you can build to help you in your fight against the piglins. Naturally, the game doesn’t give you all the fun toys at the start so you can learn the ins and outs of battling steadily first and have something to look forward to. You’ll enjoy that redstone launcher so much more if you earn it!

Anyway, I’ve happily broken all that by toggling this option that unlocks the entire tech tree from the start. 


That’s right, I’ve opened all my birthday presents early.


And I feel fantastic

I also turned build speed up to 500% because patience is for… actually, I can’t be bothered to wait and find out who it’s for. I’ve got all of Minecraft Legends’ best toys to build!

RESULT: 8/10

Try not to imagine whoever made those nice tutorials weeping, and you’ll have great fun cheating like this.

There’s plenty more tweaks, big and small, you can make in your custom games in Minecraft Legends, and the developers have plans to introduce even more. Go play Minecraft Legends and see what chaos you can cause!

Tom Stone
Tom Stone

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