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Geet_Builds creates lovely layered landscapes!

A temple bursting out of the jungle like a mountain, a winding river through a desert valley, a giant dragon… Geet_Builds’s worlds will give you a trip around the globe and even into the realm of fantasy!

Geet started creating these brilliant builds as a pandemic hobby. “I found myself with a ton of free time to fill up,” he says. At first, he was thinking about creating one huge medieval fantasy world, but decided that it was “way easier” to separate them out and give each one its own space.

Although these might be smaller than an entire fantasy map, they’re anything but simple. Each one can take him “anywhere from fifty to a couple hundred hours to complete.” Although he helpfully compresses this down into a few minutes’ timelapse on his YouTube channel, if you want to be mesmerized by the hypnotic appearance of dozens of blocks per second.

“In my opinion, a good build can't stand alone without a landscape that compliments it, so I spend a lot of time creating the environment before I ever start building on it,” he says. Take the jungle temple, for example. In the video, you can see Geet building up a mountainous terrain and dropping a lake in the middle, before adding in all the lovely greenery that makes the world feel alive. Only then can the temple emerge from within the forest.

“I try to break up the project into smaller sections since I usually create megabuilds. Once the rough bones of the whole build are in place, I go back through and finish everything with finer details,” he says. By repeating this process over and over in all of his builds, he’s been able to make each one bigger and better. “Things that use to be entire projects on their own are now just small components of much larger builds.”

He says that his favorite is the Halloween special he put together last year. It’s a spooky Gothic castle that even includes a graveyard, for ghostly terror. Geet says that he paid attention to adding in the layers of trees, buildings, and bridges, so it’s tricky to see too far ahead, increasing the terror. “At night when you're walking down the road from the village to the castle, there's this feeling that at any moment a creature is gonna jump out from behind a tree.”

But when he’s not setting out to scare you silly, he gets inspiration from all over the place. “Creating these builds has definitely changed the way I view the world. Now, every time I see a pretty landscape, come across  some cool concept art, watch a movie, or play a video game, a small part of me is thinking about how I would recreate that myself.”

“I was reading a book a few months ago that mentioned a city built into a cliffside, and since then I've spent about 200 hours building my own version of that.” The cliffside city isn’t quite finished yet, but Geet says he’s been aiming to make it feel as alive as possible.

“I added details like an aqueduct spilling water out over a waterwheel, a lift system that can take goods to the top of the cliff, and shipyards with huge cranes in the middle of constructing ships. There are these two ancient library towers that a university has sprung up around and a massive military academy climbing up the cliffside on the opposite side of the city. It's definitely my biggest and most ambitious project so far.”

Maybe it will be a good place to go and get some sun to relax after being scared silly in the castle forests at night?!

Jay Castello
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Jay Castello

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