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New Challengers Approach in the World Warrior Skin Pack

Fists will fly this month in Minecraft Marketplace!

I’ve got news that’ll have you Dragon Punching the air with glee: today (February 18) the World Warrior skin pack lands in Minecraft Marketplace! This incredible new pack from 57Digital and Capcom brings 35 of your favorite fighting characters like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li from the arcade to the Overworld and celebrates a tale of fierce feuds and formidable foes. These familiar faces have been on our screens even longer than Steve and Alex, and now you can play as one of them (or all 35!) in Minecraft. The only question now is: are you ready? Or do you need more training a trailer?

As part of celebrating Capcom’s classic fighters, there will also be one free Character Creator item for you to claim plus twelve paid character creator items, so you can customize your character to your heart’s content!

Anyone that’s played Minecraft on Survival mode is no stranger to exploring the land and fighting mobs for glory (or loot). You may even be partial to my favorite fighting style: button mashing and shouting “AHH” while someone’s voice echoes: “you are not a warrior, you’re a beginner.” I am very excited for a) the opportunity to prove that voice wrong and b) the chance to truly hone my anti-inventory-loss techniques this month. Surely playing as Chun-Li, the strongest woman in the world, is going to increase my sword-bopping skills? Watch out skeletons, attack me if you dare!

If the thought of llama farming as Ryu or speed running as Ken isn’t enough for you, then why not gather some friends and battle it out, or team up and take down mobs together when darkness falls? You can also just hang out with your cats and admire how cool you look in a qipao. The choice is yours, friend! So what are you waiting for? Get the World Warrior Skin Pack and join me as I get ready to launch water bottles at Endermen while screaming “Hadoken!”

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

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