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‘Football’ or ‘soccer’? As a Swede, I say ‘football’ – but what is the correct term for the world’s biggest sport, with over three billion fans? The debate has been raging since the dawn of time, and whatever you may prefer, the real battle isn’t about what you call a game focused on kicking a ball with your feet. No no! Today, two countries will clash in the World Cup final as France and Croatia fight for glory, fame, and a ticket home. And we just so happen to have the perfect build for the occasion.

16 year old American builder SeanBits most likely prefers the term soccer. Not only has he played it since he was nine years old – he also recently decided to incorporate his long-time hobby into Minecraft with the ambitious project of building a full-sized stadium, worthy of the World Cup.

“I’ve always wanted to build a soccer stadium ever since I started building in Minecraft,” Sean tells me. “I just recently decided to make one for a number of reasons, a big one being that the World Cup had just recently started during the time I built the stadium itself.”

Another big reason for Sean to take on the project was the nature of the build. He’s a long time fan of architectural features of soccer stadiums and has always been in awe over different arena designs around the world, such as the one played on yesterday by Belgium and England – Krestovsky Stadium – an arena with a capacity of 67,000 visitors. “The Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg Russia was my main inspiration because I wanted to use a current stadium being used in the World Cup.”

Sean’s construction might not have as many as 67,000 seats, but it does include all the features you’d find in an ordinary stadium. There’s an interior, with locker rooms and a lobby area, two storeys of stands on all four sides of the stadium, a giant circular roof with beams on either side, and of course the most important thing of all – the field itself. If you prefer to play without a crowd or just want to enjoy a regular training session, a separate field can be found outside the arena, together with a park.

“It’s as close to a real soccer stadium as I could personally get it without spending days and days upon it,” Sean explains. “I also had minimal screenshots of stadium insides, so it’s not super realistic in the locker room and lobby area, but the actual stadium part with the stands and field are very accurate.”

To make the stadium as authentic as possible, Sean began by making the field itself in the scale of a real life pitch. He would then go on to shape the stands followed by the exterior design of the stadium, finishing his grand dome with a massive 175 radius roof.

“I came up with the structural design by looking at several stadiums from a quick Google search of the current World Cup soccer stadiums being used,” Sean explains. “I implemented the stadiums by taking specific pieces of what I like from each of them.”

Sean did not just assume the role as architect of the stadium. One of his favorite aspects with the build was how he worked with the field grass, almost like a groundskeeper. “You can’t see it in the renders but what I did was to actually use the WorldEdit setbiome command and lay out a quick little grid onto the field. About every ten blocks I would turn that into a different biome than the original grass to give it the look of a real professional soccer pitch.”

Going forward, Sean is looking to continue growing his architectural style with even more large scale builds, like a castle. Before that happens, he needs to finish watching the ongoing competition that ends tonight. “I had personally hoped Argentina would come back in the World Cup, but currently from all of the games I have seen in this year’s competition, I’d say England is probably going to take the win.”

Wait, ENGLAND!? Sean’s stadium might be an impressive feat, but as a Swede I feel this is just too much, even though England is no longer in the tournament. Not only is it triggering to call it ‘soccer’. He cheers for the very team that knocked out Sweden from the quarter finals?! No, this cannot stand!

Enjoy the final dear readers, bonne chance France, and sretno Croatia!

Per Landin
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Per Landin