Which Frog Are You?

Amphibious answers await!

Have you discovered all the frogs that joined Minecraft in The Wild Update? These amphibians are not only adorable, but they are also the first mob to grow into an adult from a completely different baby mob. That’s right, tadpoles are not only unique, but their tiny size makes them bucket friendly and also really, really, really, cute. While you may want to bring them all over the world for a “try not to cry when you realize how precious they are what do you mean I’ve already lost” competition, there is another benefit to breeding frogs in different areas. You get different frogs! I am not here to explain the science to you. No, dear reader. This is much more important. Whether or not you have already bred an entire city of frogs or have yet to meet one, we must discover which frog you would be if you also started out as a tadpole. No more questions, let’s hop in!


Describe your ideal Saturday.

A: Grab a few slimes, hop around a swamp, and take it easy.

B: A big slime brunch before you bask in the sun for the rest of the day.

C: Fill your pockets with slime and then hit the slopes, the S in Saturday stands for skiing!

D: Collect as much slime as you can, you never know who might need some!


Travel time! What do you fill the chest on your boat with? 

A: Plenty of mud blocks, mangrove blocks, propagules, and some buckets. You can make any area a temporary swamp with the right décor.  

B: Can you store sunshine in a chest? No? What about fire? Fine, my chest will be empty until someone figures out how to scoop some rays up in a bucket.

C: Snowballs, snowballs, snowballs! 

D: Anything. Everything. Whatever I can find, I’m going to grab it!


What is your ideal biome to vacation in?

A: Any swamp – nothing beats a swamp. Water? Check. Flora? Check. Fauna? Check. Mangrove trees? In some cases, check!

B: The Nether – the heat, the delicious magma cubes, the abundance of lava. What’s not to love? What do you mean I can’t stay overnight? Fine, the desert will have to do.  

C: Ice, ice, biome – an area full of snow, ice, and cold baths is the refreshing tonic you crave!

D: Oh, they’re all so nice! But if I have to pick, a lush forest biome would be lovely.


Where do you lay your eggs?

A: Any swamp will do, I’m not picky and neither are my babies.

B: Wherever the temperature is high, possibly even tropical. I want my tadpoles to swim into a warm embrace. 

C: A snowy biome would be ideal, so my tadpoles get a fresh, crisp start to their lives. 

D: Is there a noteblock nearby? That would be perfect!


It’s dark in here!

A: Light up the night with an ochre froglight block! 

B: Light up the night with a pearlescent froglight block!

C: Light up the night with a verdant froglight block!

D: Find some torches, they’re always getting left behind.




Mostly A: You are a temperate frog! 

You are an instant classic. When people think of swamps, they will always associate them with you, the temperate frog. Your majestic aura allows you to become one with the mangrove trees, and your calm disposition helps you fit in with the down-to-earth mud blocks.


Mostly B: You are a warm frog! 

Your bright disposition matches the balmy, tropical biomes that allow you to thrive! You cannot get enough of the sun, warm weather, or slime. Just don’t forget your SPF when you’re hopping around the real world! 


Mostly C: You are a cold frog! 

You are one cool cat, I mean frog! There is nothing better than sinking into some powder snow, hopping across a snowy tundra, or sliding across a patch of ice in search of more slime. 


Mostly D: You are… an allay??

You seem to be a little lost but that’s probably because you were so busy collecting items that you didn’t notice that you stumbled into a frog quiz. That’s OK, everyone is welcome here – especially mobs that were voted in by the illustrious community! 

Sofia Dankis
Written By
Sofia Dankis