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When old foes become new friends

The familiar yet unexpected allies in Minecraft Legends

You’ve already met the mighty little golems who will be fighting alongside you in Minecraft Legends. Now it’s time to dive deeper into what other allies will help you send the piglins back to the fiery dimension they came from.

Some of you might have noticed that this is more of a reunion rather than a meet-and-greet. Not only will you have met these mobs before as a Minecrafter, but they’ve also played prominent roles in our Minecraft Legends trailers so far. And while you might have some unpleasant memories tied to them, this time around they are your allies, and they're eager to help you send the piglins packing! 

The creepers

If you hear hissing while exploring the Overworld’s warmer areas in Minecraft Legends, don’t run away. In fact, seek out the source of the sound, because you’re about to make some very valuable allies in the creepers. Once you’ve befriended the creepers, you will be able to build their spawner and summon them to fight alongside you. Watching them blow up the piglins’ thick defensive walls might spark some unpleasant flashbacks, but don’t dwell on them! What matters is that now they’re on your side, and they pack an explosive punch. But how does one go about making friends with such... volatile creatures? You’ll find out soon enough...

The skeletons

In Minecraft Legends, the skeletons’ uncannily accurate arrows are now put to good use – in more ways than one. Firstly, they protect their beloved Overworld and its inhabitants from the piglins’ devastating Nether corruption. Secondly, they are extremely effective from a range, even if their frame can’t withstand heavy blows, maybe due to all the cold air they’ve been exposed to. As long as you keep the skeletons away from the fray of the battlefield, they should have no trouble holding their own. And thanks to their sturdy helmets, they’re ready to spawn and fight anytime, day or night! The helmets obviously don’t make the skeletons’ feet fireproof, though, so keep them out of lava.  

The zombies

If the Overworld were to host a “most stylish hat” contest, the zombies’ straw hats would definitely snatch first place. Sadly, hat competitions come second to the events of Minecraft Legends (what with saving the world and all!) but maybe once the piglin threat is gone they will get around to organizing one. While the Overworld is in peril, the zombies will bravely fight alongside you to push back the piglins’ rampage. Not only that, but they’re also tough units that can withstand quite a bit of damage. For that reason, zombies are happy to charge first, steering the piglins’ heavier blows away from their allies. They can’t take infinite damage, though, so don’t forget to support them with some extra firepower or a mossy golem to provide a refreshing boost during battle (and remind them of home). Nothing like teamwork between unlikely friends!

These mobs are not just a part of the resistance against the spread of the Nether – they’re also a symbol of the Overworld’s unity and resilience. According to the legend, they lived in a time when all mobs coexisted in harmony and adventurers could explore fearlessly. But some say that such a world is too good to be true, casting doubt on the tale that has been passed down. What do you think the truth is? Learn more about the story by following @legends_game and keeping an eye out for more Minecraft Legends news right here on 

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