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What do you see?

A Caves & Cliffs-themed Rorschach test based only on caves

Continuing the series of complex personality quizzes based on science and algorithms written by a Literature major, I’m excited to bring you a cave-themed Rorschach test! What is that and how do I pronounce it? I can’t help you with the latter, but a Rorschach test (named after its creator, Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach) basically uses your perception of certain shapes and what you associate them with to determine aspects of your personality and emotions. In this case, I will try to guess your Minecraft playstyle! 

I was inspired to write one after being startled by a particularly menacing cave shape that everyone else on the team called a “noodle cave”? Clearly, I’m special. The question is, are you?  

Look at the images below. What do they look like to you? Select the closest option. Don't overthink it, even though the sheer scientific nature of this quiz may compel you to. 

A. A llama 

B. A shulker 

C. An enchanted shield 

D. goldn chestplet

A. A turtle

B. The killer bunny 

C. An axolotl 

D. gold or'

A. A cake 

B. A creeper 

C. A golem 

D. goldn hors armer 

A. A chicken 

B. An anvil 

C. A huge mountain 

D. shinee melun slice

A. A skeleton 

B. A ravager, run!!! 

C. A chorus tree 

D. golded blekston

A. A bat 

B. A strider 

C. A love golem 

D. goldn pikax 

A. A goat 

B. An elder guardian 

C. A large dripleaf 

D. bell 

A. A tree 

B. The Wither 

C. A spore blossom 

D. neder gold or' 

A. A boat 

B. The Ender Dragon 

C. A polar bear 

D. 'oglin

A. Alex 

B. A ghast 

C. A glow squid 

D. pleyur wid goldn hilmet!

Mostly A’s: Adaptable adventurer 

You've been playing Minecraft for a while and you know how to do pretty much everything. You like to explore biomes and dimensions in search of adventures but you could also whip up an impressive build in Creative if needed. To keep it interesting, why not try a restricted playstyle for an extra challenge? 

Mostly B’s: Worldly warrior 

You’ve seen plenty of battles in Minecraft – and you probably will see many more. You’re an expert at making and wielding weapons, and know what kind of armor each situation calls for. But is it a good thing that you looked at caves and saw mostly hostile mobs and weapons? Maybe you could try hanging up the sword every once in a while and try sprucing up your base? It’s surprisingly cathartic. 

Mostly C’s: Creative crafter 

You’re an expert in combining and placing blocks to create masterpieces. Your base is the envy of the server and Creative mode is your happy place. But why not exercise your creativity in surviving and defeating mobs? Who knows, you might enjoy the thrill of facing a creeper head on. Just make sure you leave your most precious blocks at home. 

Mostly D’s: Piglin? 

All signs point to you being a piglin! Could the test be wrong? *Checks notes* No, because I used real science! Based on my very advanced algorithms you really are a piglin. Your playstyle is hanging out in the Nether, eating porkchops (which is totally natural), and snorting enviously at anyone holding gold. You also fly into a rage whenever someone not wearing gold comes near you, which isn’t really cool. Maybe try to work on that behavior? Why are you snorting at me like that? Would you look at the time, see you later! 

Cristina Anderca
Written By
Cristina Anderca

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