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Welcome to Your Dream House

Every now and then the Community team here at Mojang Studios remembers we work on Minecraft. All work and no play makes for a dull work environment, so the only remedy for this is to jump into a realm and get our hands dirty! This time we went back to basics: building a house.

We had one hour. The challenge? Build your dream house. The stakes? Well, there weren’t any, aside from bragging rights and the threat of your neighbors outshining your humble abode. Good thing there aren’t any homeowners associations in Minecraft!

Here’s what we made:

Matt spent the first five minutes of our build time figuring out what he even wanted to create. The idea of building a tree house finally sparked. He envisioned building a space around nature, with both indoor and outdoor areas to live in, almost like a mini village where a cute, furry puppet from outer space could dwell!

Joel took inspiration from clean, crisp modern buildings, with a sprinkling of Frank Lloyd Wright. Blending marble construction, high ceilings, large windows, and stained-glass simulating rain inside the house, the blend of bringing the outside into a modern home spoke to him. Adding in a fabulous infinity pool at the edge of the property and this is the perfect place to enjoy those long summer days and sunsets.

Kristina’s dream house, of course, was a pink one. Creating all that concrete in survival is such a pain, so the prospect of finally building her dream house in creative mode seemed like a great idea. The house invokes the vibes of a pink plastic dream house, with complementary teal rugs and a cozy upstairs reading nook. Of course, no pink dwelling would be complete without a bunch of flowers, so her perfectly manicured azelea hedges and flowerpots on the windowsills were the final touch.

Sara really wanted to highlight all the colors of the rainbow and the amazing prism of natural light that building with colored glass brings to the environment. As the newest member of the team, Sara is just getting started with building (but didn’t she do a great job?). While she knew she might not have as much architectural detail as others, she still wanted it to be colorful, light, airy and fun.

Jay loves medieval themed builds, but for this one he tried to build an inn or tavern that had more of a fantasy feel to it! He included some of the new Caves & Cliffs blocks, with moss, dripleaves, and copper adorning his building. He also tucked some spore blossoms here and there, which generate lush green particles in the air around!

What is your dream Minecraft house? Have you built it? We’d love to see! Send us screenshots at

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner

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