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Not just a reskin. A whole new model

Hi everyone, is due for a revamp. For years, we’ve wanted this website to represent every bit of our game, from the YouTubers to the impractical creeper mugs. Now, thanks to the slinkiest devs and hottest wordsmiths in the business, that day has finally come.

The humble Mojang blog has served us well. We’ve reported on updates, new editions, DLC packs, billion dollar acquisitions, multiple Minecons, charity game jams, unexpected EULA tweaks, and lots, lots more. Despite all that, it’s still felt like an inward-looking place.

The new has a wider perspective. Though we’ll still report on all of the above (hopefully no more EULA stuff - that kinda stressed me out), we’re planning to highlight the incredible things you create on a daily basis, introduce you to the Mojang staff, give insight into development, and riff on all things Minecraft, from our favourite mobs to the humble grass block.

Honourable word-goblin, Marsh has been preparing a selection of articles to get you started. Marsh comes from a background in journalism and illustration and joined Mojang almost a year ago. He’s a keen artist, baker, and reader of historical novels about naval battles.

I'm Owen. You'll see a lot of my work on the site. Though it feels like a distant past (I've been here for almost five years!), I also share a background in games journalism. When I'm not writing introductory posts I enjoy playing games, riding bikes fast, and painting Blood Bowl teams.

I'm particularly pleased with our snazzy quote box. It makes everything you say look super clever and important, even when it's me being quoted - and that's some achievement! Marsh Davies

We’ve split our content into four vague categories and even included a fancy filter that sorts the grid according to your disposition. Don’t be shy! Give it a try!

Culture is dedicated to the amazing folk who’ve made Minecraft what it is today: the community! YouTubers, modders, Add-On creators, server owners, cosplayers and even the deviant artists. Check out our interview with Jesper Öqvist, creator of the outstanding rendering tool, Chunky, or feast your eyes on this amazing console build, Valley of the Iris, to get started.

Insider is a peek behind the curtain. It digs into development secrets, inspiration behind our updates, DLC, game mechanics, and more! This is where you’ll become a Minecraft and Mojang expert, learning about who we are and what we're up to. The Secrets of Shrunk is a deep dive into one of 4J’s Battle Mode maps. Discover the games that made prolific Minecraft developer, Searge, into the man he is today in our Top 5 feature.

Merch shows off the cool things made by our partners around the world. But don’t worry - it’s not just a bunch of adverts. We’re picking our favourite bits and giving some insight into why they’re special.

Then there’s News. As you might have guessed, this section hosts the most up-to-date info about all editions of Minecraft. It’s basically what has been until today, so if you’re just looking for the cold hard facts, go there and be square. Not really. Please read the news. It’s super important.

OK! Enough from me. Thanks for visiting the new and come back soon - there's a lot more on its way!

Owen Jones
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Owen Jones

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