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Welcome to Fauna Faire

Revealing Minecraft Dungeons’ third seasonal adventure

A good PARTY comes in all shapes and forms, and no two are the same. Unless they’re arranged by the Arch-Illager. I’m not saying he’s a dull host – his kitchen brawls at Highblock Halls are legendary, but they never change.

A party can be a group of heroes, fighting bravely together against hordes of menacing mobs. It can be an evening with Minecraft Live full of new gameplay reveals. But above all else, it can be a faire where everyone is welcome – which just so happens to be headed your way.

So come one, come all, to the most festive faire this very fall. Fauna Faire, Minecraft Dungeons’ third seasonal adventure arrives on October 19, bringing with it both new ways to play and customize your character!

There's a lot we’d like to share about this update, but since the Dungeons team refuse to tell me anything we’d rather showcase the new content to you live, we strongly suggest, nay, implore you to check out our epic livestream Minecraft Live on October 15 at noon EDT – no RSVP needed! 
Now, for those of you who are dying to know what kind of party this is, don’t fret! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Theme: Pets & Mobs

The fall might be upon us, but Fauna Faire brings an animal-focused late summer to the camp. This means there will be an abundance of furr-tastic skins, pets, and other mob-themed cosmetic items to add to your closet. Whether you want to embrace your inner chicken or show off your mighty paw-er, there’s something for everyone. And just as with previous seasonal adventures, Fauna Faire will offer two reward tracks – one free and one Adventure Pass track.

Tower Multiplayer

The Tower is expanding – both when it comes to the variety of floors you can encounter, and the number of players in a run! Fauna Faire’s new Tower multiplayer mode supports four players and puts a bigger focus on team collaboration in order to overcome threats as you ascend to the top.

Enter the Enchantsmith

The rumors of a new merchant villager lurking somewhere in the outskirts of the camp were true! The Enchantsmith has arrived just in time for faire and has set up shop eight o’clock from the Adventure Hub (that’s southwest for all you non-clock navigators). Utilize their craftmanship to re-roll properties on your favorite pieces of gear!

Treetop Tangle

Located somewhere deep within the lush forests of the Jungle Island, Treetop Tangle is a new free level to explore together with like-minded adventurers. Players who come here will have to prepare themselves for a long climb up a giant tree if they want to discover its secrets. The journey will surely be challenging, but possibly also rewarding as the mission is said to contain some previously undiscovered pieces of gear...


Fauna Faire is just a few days away! To prepare for the party, make sure to check out the Minecraft Dungeons website, or the Minecraft Dungeons Discord channel for more updates and information. Who will you bring to the festivities?

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