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We made a magazine!

Announcing the all new Minecraft: Official Magazine

We like to think we do a decent job of keeping you up-to-date on all the goings on in Minecraft right here on this website - but there are some things that the digital medium just can’t do. The smell of crisp, freshly printed pages. The heft of a new glossy mag in your hands. The reassurance that you can read it in the bath without fear of electrocution.

And so, together with our publishing partner Egmont (responsible for our many fine books) we’ve put together a wonderful papery companion for Minecraft - packed with dev insight, fun and frolics. There are elite building tips, survival stories and so, so much more to be found within. There’s even a comic, illustrated by the truly amazing Trudi Castle and starring new Minecrafting heroes - Bear, Scout, Monty and Sparks - who also dole out useful ‘crafting advice throughout the mag. You’ll hear more about them soon!

Every page is a delight - and you can pluck it from UK shelves VERY SOON for a mere £4.99, before it becomes available in other countries.

It’s a really gorgeous thing to behold - and super-useful, too: the first issue contains 14 pages of hints and tips, with each build broken down into detailed steps that show readers how to improve their game and hone their building skills. Try as we might here on, there’s something magical about The Double-Page Spread which cannot be replicated outside of print.

Print 4 Ever. I ♥ print.

Have a look!

To give you an even better sense of what awaits within, we asked the magazine team a few questions!

Marsh: What's this magazine thing all about then, eh?

Magazine Team Speaking As A Mysterious Collective Voice: It’s a sumptuous, glossy celebration of all the things that make Minecraft great.

Anyone who loves getting creative will be inspired by our expert building features, and in the first issue we’re going to show you how to construct a secret pirate island, a gorgeous wooden galleon, and a fearsome TNT cannon. Blam!

For daring swashbucklers we’ll have regular exploration guides, and in our debut issue we’re going to dive deep into ocean monuments and show you how to survive the sunken corridors and hostile mobs that lurk there.

The first issue also has challenges, a super-tough quiz, tips on how to throw the ultimate Minecraft party, awesome stickers, a card battling game, a four-page celebration of builds and skins created by the Minecraft community and loads, loads more.

In short, Minecraft Official Magazine is packed with all the things you love!

M: So, what's your favourite feature in the first edition?

MTSAAMCV: Definitely the feature that shows you how to beat up elder guardians.

With their creepy staring eye and nasty spikes, these terrors of the deep deserve a good kicking – and with our tips, direct from the magazine’s combat experts, you’ll have no problem sending these watery beasts crying home to momma.

What kind of cool articles can we expect in future issues?

MTSAAMCV: We have such sights to show you!

Issue 2 is a Nether special, where we’ll help readers build their own Nether castle, showcase the Minecraft community’s best infernal builds, and show you how to gut those gruesome ghasts.

The third issue, due in December, has a winter theme, and we’d love to see the snowy builds and skins created by our readers.

If you’d like to see your frosty work featured in the magazine, please send high-resolution images of your builds and skins to us via the world’s clumsiest email address, We’ll feature your coolest stuff in the mag!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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