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Valentine’s Day is here

We know, we forgot too.

SOFIA: How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Did you plan something for your crush or significant other, or did you forget all about it? If you fall into the first category, good for you. You can move along. The rest of you can come with Per and me, who have put together a Last-Minute Minecraft Valentine’s Day Workshop.

We’ll walk you through the art of wooing your crush – Minecraft style – with a sweet surprise. No, it’s not a bundle of bees. That doesn’t go over well, trust me. Today we’re going to craft cards filled with words that are sweeter than honey but thankfully have no stingers or flappy little wings. Obviously, we’re doing this out of the goodness of our hearts and not because we have too much time on our hands. Right, Per?

PER: That’s right, Sofia! Love is in the air and – no wait, sorry, that’s snow – and what better way to capture it than to show your devotion with a carefully crafted card? Covering this day has become somewhat of a treasured tradition here at, and I love it! Not because of actual love, but more because of the abundance of chocolate.

Over the years, we’ve written extensive stories in the name of adoration: from how to express your love, to thorough investigations about how romantic Minecraft really is. This year is no exception, and who could do a better job of delivering a guide to the perfect gift than the editorial team’s most love-starved warmhearted writers? Well, plenty of people actually, but this is what you get! I’ll help inspire you with some card designs, while Sofia will be your resident wordsmith. Let’s get started!

Turning your feelings into words – Sofia Style

How does one take something as abstract as a feeling and turn it into something tangible like a word? With close-up magic! I jest, of course, as there is nothing slight about these hands of mine. They will however hold a pen, scratch it wildly against a paper or other surface, and allow me to turn my innermost feelings into outermost sentences. Sometimes they even rhyme and if I am very lucky, they also make sense.

If you would prefer a different method to blind wall scribbling, I have prepared a few incredible odes and sonnets that I may or may not have plagiarized from William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and my nemesis Mother Goose. Who are you to judge? You’re doing the same thing!

Building the per-fect card with Per

The Valentine’s card is a romantic tradition that dates back to as early as the 18th century when people would decorate papers by hand, filling them with romantic symbols and poems to give to their loved ones. That sounds like a whole lot of work, so we will be building our cards in Minecraft instead. Now that we have our perfect poems ready, we’ll focus on five fabulous forms that will help you proclaim your love!


Look, I get it, giving your crush a card in person is a terrifying experience – even if that card is built in Minecraft! The recipient might notice you before you’ve finished your design – or worse – don’t like it!

If you’d like to avoid both embarrassment and rejection, there's an easy way out; put a few words on a sign, run away as fast as you can, and never speak to anyone again. It’s safer that way!


Sometimes a card or a sign isn’t enough for capturing your feelings for your significant other. Five rows? I need at least ten A4! Maybe you want to recite romantic parts from Romeo & Juliet, or in my case, Twilight? Fear not, for we have the solution!

Enter the lectern – the perfect stage for passionate speeches and romantic recitations. All you need is a bit of wood, a book and quill – and voíla – you’ll have enough space to write your very own romantic novel. Well, as long as 100 pages will suffice.


Signs and lecterns are both nice gestures, but they don’t require much effort. It’s time we started building something with our own digital hands, and what better way to start than to create a simple, yet classic Valentine’s card? Hearts? Check! Plenty of rows to write on? Check! A frame made of crimson stem and poisonous mushroom blocks? Check! It’s doesn’t get any more romantic than this!


Most people believe that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating romance and love. HA! I'll let you in on a secret: It isn’t! Those of us who’s been in the game for a while (i.e. singles) know that it’s about one thing and one thing only: chocolate! The way to someone's heart is through their stomach, and what could be more appreciated than a card made partially of cacao? Just head to the nearest jungle biome and grab all the jungle log blocks and cocoa seeds you can get!


When you think about it, isn’t it outrageous that we celebrate love only once a year? With that in mind, it’s obvious that the sun and starts of your life deserve something more than just any regular frame. I thought of that and created the Minecraft Valentine Deluxe Edition™ – an expensive card made out of the most extravagant blocks the Overworld has to offer: red glazed terracotta, block of quartz, redstone blocks, and yellow wool. Sure, it costs a fortune to create, but to achieving personal bankruptcy is to love with all your heart and soul! Those red things in the bottom are supposed to be flowers, by the way...


Now you should be more than ready for Valentine’s Day! Some poetry here, some cards there, and cacao beans everywhere. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep a card for yourself, especially that chocolate filled one. If there’s one thing that Per and Sofia know for sure – the only thing, really – it’s that you don’t have to get a girlfriend if you want a Valentine’s Day card of your own. Treating yourself is pretty sweet, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Written By
Per Landin and Sofia Dankis

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