Treemendous Decorations

How to craft the perfect Christmas tree!

It’s nearly Christmas! Which means food, family, and festive fun. Whatever. All I care about is my favourite winter tradition: dragging a tree inside my house and forcing it to dress up in the sparkliest of outfits.

What’s wrong little tree? You want to be outside with your real friends? Tough. You’re my best friend now and that means you have to wear these flashing lights and itchy tinsel.

As much as I love dressing up trees, I’m fed up of all of the mess it makes on my carpet, and all the pine needles ruining my christmas jumpers after too many forced hugs. But this year I’ve found a solution: building Christmas trees inside Minecraft. You should do it too!

Tiny Tree

Our first (and maybe best) Christmas tree is a small one – a tree that can fit inside your littlest home, so it can sit with you by the warm fire while you sip cocoa. For trees there’s nothing better than being inside with no sunshine and a distinct lack of wet soil. Trust me.

Clear a space of at least six blocks in length, width, and height, then follow the instructions below to make your home feel a little more festive.

Upside Down Tree

An upside down Christmas tree? Madness! What kind of pagan sorcery is this? Despite the look of it, It’s not as bizarre as it seems. In medieval Europe it was actually quite common to hang fir trees upside down during Christmas to represent the Holy Trinity.  

The tradition might have faded over time, but it’s making a comeback this year as one of the hot new fads. What better way to wow people, than to turn their world upside down as they enter your home this winter season? Showering them with gifts and generosity is, frankly, overrated.

As you can see, an upside down can also be quite practical – it gives you more floor space to fill with presents. But if having extra room isn’t a concern for you then you might want to look at making the next Christmas tree. Come to think of it, where do you hide all the presents? Err, time to check out tree number three!

Giant Tree

Forget Christmas-lighted houses. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a gigantic tree with more lights on it than leaves. You know you’re doing it right when it can be seen it from the next town over. Santa definitely won’t miss your home when he comes round with his sack of presents this year.  

The only thing to be wary of is that you’ll need a lot of space and a fair amount of time to build a huge tree. Oh, and your neighbours might start complaining about light pollution. But they’re just jealous of how fabulous you are. Ignore them. Don’t ignore this guide, though.

That large tree isn’t bad but you might be able to do better. If you’re feeling really ambitious and want to build an enormous Christmas tree that will truly wow your friends then look no further than YouTuber GeminiTay’s tutorial video below:

This tree looks much more natural and its size and the shape of its branches will let you hang baubles and other decorations from it easily. Oh, I just realised what’s missing from my own gigantic tree!


If you just want to decorate a Christmas tree and don’t want to spend time building your own one then this is the section for you. In fact, there’s even a massive Christmas tree you can download and decorate however you want.

Now gaze upon your beautiful creation. Isn’t it wonderful? Don’t you feel alive?! Of course you do. Have a great holiday!

Disclaimer: no trees were harmed in the creation of this article. They loved every second of it. Trust me.

Written By
Chris Priestman