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Discover the Trails & Tales Update! Ride a camel, hatch a sniffer, and trim your armor. Find a cherry grove or an archeology site. Craft with bamboo, create mob sounds, and hang your signs. Store your books in the chiseled bookshelf, because every story matters!

The Trails & Tales Update is Here

Share your stories, great and small

The Trails & Tales Update is here! Take your storytelling to the next level with all the new features that will inspire you to set out into the Minecraft world and share the tales of your travels upon your return. If you take advantage of the new armor trims, some of those stories will be told by simply walking into a room. But don’t worry, you can take a more classic approach by writing your story down in a book that you keep safe and organized in your chiseled bookshelf. 

The world of Minecraft is forever enriched by new mobs like the camel, which provides terrifically tall transportation for two. Or the sniffer, which was once extinct but thanks to you will flourish once again. Please don’t get me started on baby camels and snifflets, because I will get derailed by the cuteness that is frankly criminal. 

Not to be outdone, the blocks of Trails & Tales will change the Overworld’s landscape forever. The rare cherry grove biome doesn’t just add a beautiful, pink oasis but also a full pink wood set. Bamboo is also available as a wood set, including a unique raft that can hold a chest or mob of your choice. Please keep in mind that hostile mobs will still attack, even in the middle of a tranquil sea. 

One of the many things you can craft with wood is signs, that can now hang on the side of or beneath blocks. Maybe you want to use them to point the way to some buried ruins filled with suspicious sand, or to let others know that the hissing over yonder is merely your creeper choir made with playable mob sounds

Starting today, the Trails & Tales Update will be available to download for Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows, macOS, and Linux; and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows, and a brand new device: Chromebook!

Now hurry up, the Minecraft world is waiting for you to share your stories, great and small.

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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